Remnant 2 Shifting Portal Puzzle Guide

The following guide will help players figure out how to solve the portal platform puzzle to get to the Colosseum of Run in the Labyrinth.

Remnant 2: How To Solve The Shifting Portal Puzzle

Given that the Labyrinth is a non-changing location in the game, players will experience the same kind of events, objectives, and processes no matter how many times they run it.

The world to either side of the Labyrinth will be different. After reaching The Labyrinth, there is a stone platform within the central chamber, and your main task is to get the Master Portal Key from the region.

Remnant 2 - Portal

Players will get their hands on the initial couple of World Stones in the Fractured Ingress and Entangled Gauntlet.

You will gain a lot from these two areas, with the Entangled Gauntlet being present underneath a staircase deeper into the Fractured Ingress. It is here that the shifting portal puzzle shows up. 

Remnant 2 - World Stone portal

The portal will keep changing its destination every five-second passes. Players will have to dive into the portal when they spot the unactivated World Stone present through the portal since it will bring them to the Colosseum of Ruin for the Master Portal Key.

However, all the remaining destinations will bring your doom, so be careful at this junction.

Additionally, the landing position of the portal’s floor also breaks down from beneath, so make sure you are moving onto the platform opposite you immediately after teleporting.

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Remnant 2 - Platform crumbles

After you get to the Colosseum of Ruin, turn on the World Stomne and get ready to face a wave battle event where you must hit a light orb floating around the middle to begin.

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Remnant 2: How To Get The Master Portal Key

There will be four waves coming at you as follows:

  • The first wave will have the Energy Orb as the main enemy.
  • The second wave has four Sword Constructs.
  • The third wave has a total of Slab Constructs.
  • The last wave will have an Elite Totem.

After you are done, grab the Master Portal Key and teleport to Fractured Ingress to unlock the giant portal.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the shifting platform portal and how to solve it. You will be able to cross it simply by being careful and not jumping too late.

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Last Updated on February 7, 2024

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