How To Increase Critical Hit Chance and Damage in BG3

How To Increase Critical Hit Chance and Damage in BG3 – This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to increase your hit accuracy and stop missing attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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How To Increase Critical Hit Chance and Damage in BG3

Utilize the steps mentioned below to increase the Hit Chances in BG3:

Utilize Proficiency for a Boost in Hit Chances

One of the fundamental mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3 is proficiency, which grants bonuses to your dice rolls. Each class has proficiency with specific weapons and armor based on their race and class. By having proficiency in your chosen weapon, you increase the likelihood of landing hits and decrease the chances of missing.

To maximize your proficiency, focus on raising your main stat, such as Wisdom for clerics or Intelligence for wizards. Higher main stats lead to increased proficiency, which directly improves your chances of hitting enemies.

For melee weapons, prioritize increasing your Strength, while Dexterity is crucial for ranged weapons. Finesse weapons scale with both Strength and Dexterity, making them versatile for various characters.

Additionally, as you level up, your proficiency bonus will grow, providing you with even better chances to hit enemies. Keep in mind that the proficiency bonus may vary based on the difficulty setting you choose.

Leverage Weapons with Enchantments and Buffs

In your quest to stop missing attacks, seek out weapons with enchantments. These enchanted weapons have a number next to them, which adds to your dice roll, enhancing your chances of hitting your targets. Embrace these weapons and watch your accuracy improve.

Furthermore, take advantage of buffs like Bless, which adds to your dice rolls similarly to proficiency.

Cast these buffs at the start of combat to ensure they impact as many turns as possible. Bards, with their Bardic inspiration, can also significantly contribute to consistent hits for the party. 

Gain Advantage to Balance Out RNG

Advantage is a powerful tool to help you balance out the unpredictability of RNG (random number generation). When you have an advantage, you get to roll two dice instead of one, and the game selects the higher result.

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This effectively increases your odds of hitting your target, just like flipping two coins instead of one and picking the one with heads.

Certain cleric spells, such as Guiding Bolt, can grant you an advantage in combat. Additionally, holding the high ground during a fight will provide you with an advantage, further improving your chances of landing attacks.

Take advantage of sneak attacks as well, as they provide both an advantage and a high chance of hitting.

Remember to combine proficiency and advantage for the best results. Over-relying on proficiency without advantage might not yield the desired outcome.

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Opt for Spells That Don’t Miss

While some spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 are subject to dice rolls and may miss, others are guaranteed to hit or deal partial damage even if they miss.

Utilize spells like Cloud of Daggers or Shatter, which do not require attack rolls, to ensure consistent damage output even if your hit accuracy is lacking.

Avoid Wearing Unfamiliar Armor

Wearing armor you are not proficient with, will put you at a disadvantage, penalizing your dice rolls. When you wear unfamiliar armor, you are forced to roll the dice twice, and the lower value will be taken. This increases the likelihood of rolling a low number, leading to more misses.

Ensure your character is proficient with the armor they wear to maintain optimal hit accuracy in combat.

Positioning Matters

Combat positioning can greatly impact your chances of hitting enemies. Attacking from the front is the most straightforward approach, but you can increase your hit accuracy by attacking from the flank or the back.

Stealth attacks, whether melee or ranged, have a higher chance of hitting, making them a valuable tactic.


Debuff Your Enemies

To make it easier to hit enemies, debuff them using spells or effects. For instance, applying acid can lower the enemy’s armor, increasing your hit chances. Other debuffs like blind or ensnare can also be useful.

Be cautious, though, as enemies can apply debuffs to your party as well.


Mastering hit accuracy in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires a combination of strategy, smart character builds, and tactical positioning. By leveraging proficiency, advantage, buffs, spells, and clever positioning, you can drastically increase your chances of landing successful attacks and stop missing your targets.

Remember to optimize your character’s abilities and equipment, and soon you’ll find yourself dominating combat encounters with precision and finesse. So, venture forth, adventurer, and embrace these tips to conquer the world of Baldur’s Gate 3!

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