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Embark on a seamless journey of loot customization with Last Epoch, where simplicity meets empowerment. Dive into the world of Loot Filters, and effortlessly create your personalized filters while maintaining your sanity throughout the process.

Loots Filters Made Simple In Last Epoch

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The Approach

I prefer simplicity. Loot filters can become overwhelming, but Last Epoch stands out with its exceptional built-in loot filter.

Translated: There’s ample room for self-sabotage, stumbling into unnecessary complications.

The core principle of this filter is to conceal everything except the essentials. Consequently, we conceal everything other than set items and unique items placed at the bottom.

There’s no need to fret about selling items for gold; the time spent traveling to the shop and selling can be better utilized by advancing through another half of a map, recouping the money through gold drops. As an added benefit, there’s no need to sift through a mound of irrelevant items – a significant relief.

At the upper end, we display only the types of items that align with our interests. Since I’m playing as a mage, there’s no concern for swords, for instance.


Additionally, we make sure to display all “Personal” affixes. Although I may not fully understand what they entail, their intriguing and ambiguous nature prompts me to keep an eye out for them when they drop.

The essence of all this lies in the central portion.


Filter items based on the affixes that matter to you, utilizing a straightforward color-coding system to easily identify the number of affixes on an item.

In the initial stages of the game, when experimentation is key, and a detailed build guide isn’t necessary for enjoyment, your filter may include numerous affixes. However, as you progress, you’ll refine your preferences.

To fine-tune the affixes you’re interested in, remove all middle sections except for the yellow or the lowest tier. Update the affixes, duplicate the filter, and reset the colors to efficiently replicate the affix list. If this process is unclear, feel free to ask for clarification in the comments.

Dispose of drops that aren’t needed to accumulate shards for the affixes you prioritize. As you level up and acquire better drops, salvaging every yellow item can deplete your funds or quickly fill up your inventory space. This serves as a signal to further streamline your loot filter.

Narrow down the displayed item rarities, especially normal ones, after filling your equipment slots and magic shortly afterward.

Eliminate the yellow affix tier (and eventually orange as you progress) so that you exclusively focus on identifying red and purple drops. Concentrate on those specific affixes and the type of gear you are seeking.

White Filter

The last component is the white filter.


This filter serves to emphasize the exalted affix drops that align with your preferences, specifically tier 6 and 7 affixes. This way, you’ll easily recognize and grab them for legendary crafting.

As you progress into the late game, you can tailor the middle set of filters for each particular item you are actively farming. For instance, you might create a set of filters for different types of gloves, specifying the affixes you desire. Repeat this process for other items like amulets and so forth.

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How to Create a Custom Loot Filter in Last Epoch

By following these steps, you can create a personalized loot filter in Last Epoch tailored to your playstyle and preferences, enhancing your gaming experience and efficiency in managing loot drops.

  1. Access the In-Game Filter Editor

    Launch the Last Epoch and navigate to the options menu. Select “Gameplay” and then “Loot Filter” to access the filter editor.

  2. Define Filter Criteria

    Use the filter editor to specify criteria for item filtering. This includes item rarity (common, magic, rare, etc.), item type (weapons, armor, accessories), and specific affixes (critical strike chance, elemental damage, etc.)

  3. Save and Test Your Filter

    Once you’re satisfied with your custom loot filter settings, save the filter configuration. Test the filter in-game to ensure that it accurately highlights and sorts loot drops according to your specified criteria.

  4. Share or Import Filters (Optional Step)

    If desired, you can share your custom loot filter with other players by exporting it as a .filter file. Likewise, you can import filters created by other players to try out different filtering strategies and optimizations.


What are loot filters in Last Epoch, and why are they important?

Loot filters in Last Epoch are customizable tools that allow players to prioritize and filter loot drops based on their preferences. They are essential for efficiently managing inventory, focusing on valuable items, and optimizing gameplay experience.

How do I create a custom loot filter in Last Epoch?

To create a custom loot filter in Last Epoch, players can use the in-game filter editor. This tool allows them to specify various filter criteria such as item rarity, item type, and specific affixes. By adjusting these parameters, players can tailor the filter to suit their individual playstyle and preferences.

Can I import or share loot filters with other players in Last Epoch?

Yes, Last Epoch allows players to import and share loot filters easily. Players can export their custom filters as a .filter file and share them with others via forums, social media, or gaming communities. Additionally, players can import filters created by other users to try out different filtering strategies.

How often should I update my loot filter in Last Epoch?

It’s recommended to regularly update your loot filter in Last Epoch to adapt to changes in your character’s progression, item priorities, and gameplay goals. Updates may be necessary when reaching new milestones, acquiring better gear, or encountering new challenges in the game.

Are there any third-party tools or resources available to enhance my loot filtering experience in Last Epoch?

Yes, several third-party tools and resources can complement your loot-filtering experience in Last Epoch. These include online filter editors, community-generated filter presets, and forums where players discuss and share filtering strategies. Utilizing these resources can help you fine-tune your loot filter for optimal performance and efficiency.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

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