Hydroneer 2.0: Beginner’s Guide to make a Contraption

The launch of Hydroneer 2.0 has seen the game level go up by several notches. The mining sandbox game introduced Steam Remote Play, a bevy of new items, and vehicle systems along with many other things.

Moreover, there have also been two new areas added in Icehelm and Snowrune Falls. Players continue to construct mining machines and build their operations throughout the game.

Everything is customizable as players use hydro-powered machinery to further their progress. The following guide will help you in making a small contraption early on in the game to generate money.

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Hydroneer: Guide to making a Contraption and farm Money

Simple Cash Farm Mk. 1

The farm will only have the most minimal things in the beginning before players dive into expansions.

Parts required:

The main items:

  • Iron Drill (used): 432c
  • Iron Harvester (used): 320c

They can be collected from the parts shop in the beginning.

The pipes:

  • 1 T-shaped pipe: 28c
  • 1 Curve pipe: 25c
  • 1 Straight pipe: 22c
  • 1 Intake pipe: 36c

Have the Tools Bags with you to carry the items if they break. It will cost 220c. Moreover, players take the Wooden Cart to bring all the items together.

Cost: 863c in total for the whole machine.

Tip: Players can also harvest the river to get the money. But for that, you have to buy a fishing pole worth 52c.


Making the contraption

Make sure that the machine is able to fill in money from the river. The rest of the setting will be on solid ground near the river bed. Take your shovel and have some dirt directly under the drill. The pan should be close to the harvester. After finishing the setup, the drill will fill up the dirt into the harvester and subsequently, the pan.

Adding more stuff

Gromp’s Mk. 2

To make a more sophisticated setup, players will require more parts. They can include:

  • 1 T-shaped pipe: 28c
  • 5 Curved pipe: 25c per piece
  • 10 Straight pipes: 22c per piece
  • 1 Vertical conveyor: 323c
  • 1 Straight conveyor: 220c
  • One or extra Splitter conveyor: 532c per piece
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Additionally, there are a few more items you can purchase like:

  • 1 Pressure tank: 142c
  • 2 water filter hooks: 74c per piece
  • 1 valve hook: 85c
  • 1 smelter: 1320c
  • 1 Pan: 12c
  • 2 funnels: 110c per piece
  • 3 concrete floors: 5c per piece

The water filters will better the quality of water. One gives 2 points and there’s an upper limit of 10 points. The better the water, the less harm to your machine.

Meanwhile, pressure tanks will help you reset your water to full when shards or bars enter. Moreover, the pressure falls by 3% with Tier 1 pipes and 2.5% with Tier 2 pipes later on.

Cost: 3375c or thereabouts for all of them. The farm will definitely have to bear the load of it and if you have the fishing pole, even better.

Mk.2 set up

Elongate the setup of the machine by including the extra pipes. The conveyor belts have to join with them too. The resources to filter out should be placed on the tray of the splitter.

The final touches to the money should be based on how well they connect to produce the ore. More ore equals more money. For bigger drills and harvesters, do it in the Icehelm Forge.

The money will come in extremely handy as you progress through the game. Hyrdroneer can be a super enjoyable game if done well and the guide will help you earn quicker.

Given that this is still a new update, we are also figuring out how to get the best from the tools available. Therefore, make sure to do your own due diligence and if there are any better ways to craft the machines, always welcome.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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