LEGO Fortnite – All Village Tiers/ Upgrade Costs/ Bonuses

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore each village tier, explore the bonuses awaiting you, and break down the costs for every crucial upgrade. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to creating the ultimate LEGO Fortnite village!

LEGO Fortnite – Villages: Tiers, Bonuses, and Upgrade Costs

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Level 1: Laying the Foundation

As you begin your LEGO Fortnite journey, your village starts as a humble Level 1 settlement. At this stage, you can recruit one villager, equip them with a health charm, and eagerly anticipate frequent visits from explorers. Remember, to keep your villagers content, provide a bed for each resident.

Level 2: Gathering Resources and Expanding

To advance to Level 2, gather 15 Wood and 15 Granite. This simple yet essential upgrade not only broadens your village’s capabilities but also allows villagers to forage nearby. Additionally, you can refine wood and stone materials, and another permanent resident can call your village home.

Level 3: Crafting Essentials and Unwrapping Gifts

Stepping into Level 3 requires a more hands-on approach. Construct a Lumbermill and craft 10 Planks and 20 Granite to unlock the ability for villagers to bring back gifts. It’s pivotavillage beginsage begins to showcase its unique character.

Level 4: Facing Challenges and Crafting Diversity

To ascend to Level 4, you must seek out 10 Knotroot, 20 Planks, and 20 Granite. Knotroot, found in caves within the Grassland biome, adds an element of challenge to your quest. Equip yourself with weapons and provisions before venturing out.

Level 5: Rare Explorers and Rewards Bonuses

Elevating your village to Level 5 demands 15 Knotroot, 20 Planks, and 15 Marble. The pursuit of Marble takes you deeper into the Grassland caves, requiring a sturdier pickaxe made of Knotroot.

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As a reward, your village opens its gates to rarer explorers, and villagers receive notable bonuses for health and defense.

Level 6: Unleashing Village Skills and Expanding Craftsmanship

Aiming for Level 6 introduces a new set of challenges. Accumulate 20 Knotroot and 30 Granite Slabs to unlock the ability for villagers to smelt metal, refine textiles, and collect gems.

Additionally, stone cutters gain the ability to produce an array of stone types, expanding your village’s craftsmanship.

Level 7: Unique Gifts and Uncommon Recipes

Progressing to Level 7 necessitates 20 Knotroot rods and 20 Marble Slabs. Villagers, now seasoned in their roles, bring back more unique gifts.

Furthermore, the building menu reveals uncommon item recipes, providing a richer tapestry for your village.

Level 8: Gems and Permanent Residents

The pursuit of Level 8 introduces the need for gems. Collect 30 Marble Slabs and10 Rough Amber found in the challenging desert biome.

This upgrade adds depth to your village as you can permanently house another villager and assign them tasks.

Level 9: Tricky Materials and Biome Foraging Mastery

Level 9 poses a more significant challenge, demanding 15 Flexwood, 15 Obsidian, and 10 Cut Amber. Utilize a Gem Cutter to enhance your efficiency.

Flexwood, harvested from cacti in the desert biome, and Obsidian, concealed in desert caves, test your exploration skills.

Now, your villagers can forage in diverse biomes, expanding the reach of your resource gathering.

Level 10: Maximum Potential and Village Prestige

Reaching the pinnacle at Level 10 requires dedication and resourcefulness. Gather 15 Flexwood Rods, 30 Obsidian, and 20 Cut Amber to unlock the ability to house a fifth villager.

This achievement marks the zenith of your village’s potential, unlocking additional building recipes for you to explore.

While you can’t expand your current village, the freedom to create multiple villages and individually level them up allows for endless possibilities.

Congratulations! You’ve now mastered the intricate art of leveling up your LEGO Fortnite village. As you continue to build, craft, and explore, the vast wonders of this imaginative world await. Happy adventuring, and may your LEGO Fortnite villages thrive.

Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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