Ready Or Not | Beginner Guide, Tips And Strategies

Ready Or Not Beginner Guide, Tips And Strategies –  So today we’ve got some basic tips and guide for Ready Or Not. Now these beginner tips aren’t going to keep you alive 100% of the time. But hopefully these tips and tricks will help you in the game.

Ready or Not beginners guide tips and strategies

Ready Or Not Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Strategies

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C2 Charges

First up is C2 charges. Now C2 charges are an absolute godsend in this game for two reasons: number one being, when you place a C2 charge on a door, it does a multitude of things. Firstly of course it blows away the door, but it also concusses anyone in the room as well.

So it’s sort of a flashbang as well. This won’t concuss people really deep in the rooms, sort of in the immediate area, but it is good. Rather than trying to open and flash, if you think there’s a threat that will shoot you immediately after you go through the door, this really helps.

Secondly it also kills that bastard standing right against the door with his weapon out, waiting to shoot you through the door. He doesn’t notice that you put the C2 charge on and he doesn’t shoot through the door while doing so.

And once you detonate, he’s pretty much minced meat. But do be careful if there is a civilian close to this door. It will kill them, so be very careful when you use it. Make sure you mirror behind the door before you do so.

Multiple C2 Charges

The second major tip for the C2 chargers is, you can actually use multiple at once. So if you have a room with multiple entries, you can actually set charges for all doors at the same time.

This will then use that concussion effect to blind even more of the room, letting your teams reach in and clear the room safely. So make sure you bring in C2 charges.

You can bring heaps amongst your team. So you shouldn’t run out, unless you’re going crazy with them all right.

Throwing Grenades

Secondly throwing grenades. Now I know some of you are having trouble with this, because I had a lot of trouble to start with.

Like me you’re probably all trying to use the hand to aim your grenade, but unsure exactly where the grenade goes based on the hand. Well, when holding up your hand against where you want to throw, the very tip of your thumb is the vertical axis of the grenade and the tip of your pointer finger, if not just slightly above it, is your horizontal axis.

So running a line from your horizontal and your vertical where they meet, is where your grenade will go. Now obviously you can’t have this fancy line in game.

So all I do is I line up my index finger on my height first and then scooch it to the left, about 6 inches in length. So that should get you pretty much spot on throwing your grenades so you don’t keep stuffing it up and flashing your whole team and getting yelled at all right.

Door Wedges

Number three door wedges, a nice and simple one that gets overlooked. This is especially important if you have three or two-man team a lot of times in Ready Or Not.

There are multiple doors that can be approached and this is a huge danger for your team. So if you get one of your guys to bring door wedges, what you can actually do is use them to wedge the two or three other doors.

Now it is closed and none of the suspects can come running out and shoot you in the back. I don’t know how many times I got shot in the back in this game from suspects moving around.

The AI is really smart and will flank you, so make sure you’re checking those door wedges in the doors you don’t want to clear just yet and proceed on your mission. Also if you do know the room has two entrances, you can go around and block the other door to stop suspects fleeing.

This will lock them in the room, so the only way they have to go is straight through or to surrender. It’s a good little tip for something like the hotel, where a lot of rooms link into other doors.


All right number four. Now a lot of you want sprint in the game, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s gonna come.

What you can do here to move a little bit faster is, bind Low Ready to Shift. Now the reason we want to put it to Shift is because, as gamers we all naturally hit Shift sprint.

So if you’re wanting to move faster you’ll naturally hit Shift. Go into Low Ready and walk slightly faster. But of course be careful when using this, as you don’t want to come around a corner in Low Ready.

I like to bind the Hold option for the Low Ready not the Toggle. So I don’t get into too much trouble and I can just lift my finger off the Shift if I need to.

Cam Lights

All right number five, cam lights. Cam lights are amazing and everybody has them.

You have about 10 each. As you go through a mission make sure you’re dropping these in each room that you’ve 100% cleared.

Just be careful though, don’t drop these too liberally as you’ll think you’ve cleared a room when you come back and think you’re missing something.

So make sure you 100% secure weapons, hostages and suspects before dropping this camera in the room and it should help with clearing out those larger maps when you think you’ve missed something.

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Battering Ram

Number six is the battering ram. It is better than the shotgun.

Now these pretty much both do the exact same thing, but right now in the game, the battering ram opens the door all the way, whereas the shotgun does not.

I can’t think of a good reason why you’d want to use the shotgun and only halfway open the door, maybe to get a flash in if you like.

But even then if you’re doing that approach, you probably should be lock picking. So just ditch the shotgun for now. It may get patched in the future, but right now the battering ram is the best way to go.

Standing In Front Of Doors

Number seven, don’t stand in front of doors. Now this one was a tough one to learn for me.

Now I’m sure a lot of you have already done this, but keep forgetting to do it. Make sure when you’re interacting with the door, you do everything you can not to stand in front of that door.

Reason being if the AI on the other side hears you or suspects you, it will shoot through the door and I have seen multiple teammates and myself go down multiple times due to standing in front of the door or trying to kick it and it takes two kicks.

So the AI just lights it up. This is where you’re better off using the battering ram, rather than kicking things, as you can stand off to the side a little bit more. But no matter what, just try and stand to the side.


Number eight is those that are struggling with recoil in this game. As you’ve probably figured out by now the recoil and suppression in this game is kind of crazy.

Well if you are struggling, ditch the assault rifles for now and move over to SMG’s. Due to the short ranges that you’re fighting within Ready Or Not, using an SMG isn’t really much of a disadvantage.

It does punch a little bit less, so one or two more bullets might be required on heavily armored targets. But you’ll be landing more bullets so it works out in the end.

The SMG’s with all the kit on them, including grips, are pretty much laser beams. So you should have a hell of a lot easier time shooting enemies with the SMG than any assault rifle.

Dual Breaches

Number nine is dual breaches with the AI. Now if you’re not aware yet, you can actually cue orders for your team.

This is when you use blue and red teams. So if you have a dual entry to a room what you can do is set up blue team on one door and red on the other door.

How you do this is, you hold Shift whilst giving them orders. I like to stack them up first and then on a second order, I’ll hold Shift.

How I want them to enter the room, open and flash for example, I do this on one team, walk around and do this on the second team and then come back where I can see them both.

Scroll to the yellow, so it’s all teams, hit your mouse wheel and then hit execute and this will tell both teams to perform the queued orders, having them dual breach the room at the exact same time.

However be careful with this, because of traps. It may be a little bit tedious but if you can either go check the doors yourself with your mirror camera or tell your guys to before setting up these cool breaches.

As you are doubling the chances, you’re gonna run through a chat and you’ll lose points at the end of course or even lose a team member. You can even do the C2 charge dual breach from number one, with the AI and it’s pretty awesome to watch.

Prepping The Rooms

And number 10 is keep prepping those rooms. Now every single one of your team member will have some sort of utility grenade, whether it be flash stinger or gas.

Use these grenades as often as you can, especially paired with the mirror gun. If you have a 5 man team, you have roughly about 40 of these grenades, so you have plenty to use.

Don’t be stingy with them when stacking up to a room. Make sure you’re flashing those rooms, especially if there is AI on the other side.

You just want to prep these rooms to make it as safe as possible for you to breach in through those doors. One thing to pay attention when doing this is, don’t use first band to throw this banger.

The reason is, it’s a likelihood that the AI is going to open that door and no one’s going to have their gun up ready to shoot if necessary.

I’ve watched teammates die and myself too, because we messed up and had the first person throwing the grenade and the AI opened the door. So prep rooms as much as you can, especially if they’re not empty and even if they’re are civilians.

So that’s all I’ve got for you today in this Ready or Not beginners guide, tips, and strategies. If you did enjoy the guide please drop a comment, it does help. If you have any additional tips that you think could help out please mention that too.

I’m still trying to get better at this game as well, as it is brutal. Otherwise I’ll see you guys on the next one. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on guides for Mobile Games, PC Games, Fixes, and Settings.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on December 14, 2023

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  1. They’re actually called chemlights as in CHEMical lights. While the SMGs lack recoil, they also lack penetration which is most important when shooting through walls at a suspect. Though that can be a double-edged sword when firing into a room haphazardly without knowing if there are any civilians in them, as rifle rounds can overpenetrate and hit them. But despite it all, when it comes to penetration and stopping power, the rifles are pretty great. Just get used to firing in semi-auto, which is best for conserving ammo anyway.

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