Lethal Company: Scraps and Items List and Guide

Lethal Company: Scraps and Items List and Guide – There are various items for players to use in Lethal Company that will greatly benefit you.

All of these come in handy at different junctures of the game so make sure you are well-versed on the details of them and how to best use them. The following guide will explain the details of the items and how they can benefit you in the game. 

Lethal Company: Scraps and Items List and Guide


Lethal Company - walkie-talkie

A device for communication so you can listen to your team members and has to be in your hand along with pressed down when time to speak. When you turn it On/Off, there is a sound that can attract monsters, but there is no sound for transmissions coming.

You can know from others when people are talking on the radio and it drains power if you have it on along with dropping it. 

  • It has a battery life of 12 hours, and you can charge it on alternate days. 
  • 12 credits are required, and has no weight but needs 2 to work correctly. 

Normal Flashlight 

Lethal Company - normal flashlight

A waterproof flashlight that lasts for 3 hours and 15 minutes in the game and will set you back for 15 credits with no weight. 


Lethal Company - pro-flashlight

The battery life is extended to 5 hours while the cost doubles to 30 credits along with a weight of five pounds.

The pro-flashlight is much better in the game, so you should acquire it as soon as possible, given the extra timespan it can shine. The weight can be a downside, but you would do well to manage it successfully. 

No matter the flashlight, you can switch it on as you have a different item, and even if you drop it but is useless against blizzard, fog, steam, etc. 


Lethal Company - shovel

It is useful against some creatures and will cost you 30 credits with a weight of 19 pounds. You can wield it in one hand too. Here is the list of enemies that can be damaged or killed using it: 

  • Hoarding bug: You will need 2-4 strikes
  • Snare flea: 1-3 strikes
  • Manticolis: A single hit but not recommended
  • Thumpers: You require 4-6 hits, but they are more effective if you are on railings
  • Bracken: 2-3 hits but should be avoided
  • Bunker Spider: 4-6 strikes


Lethal Company - lockpicker

It will let you open any locked door, and you will not be restricted by any locks ever again. It costs 20 credits and weighs 16 pounds. You can use it with one hand, too. It requires 30 seconds to unlock any door after using it. 

Stun Grenade

Lethal Company - stun grenade

It does what its name suggests and can be used against enemies. You can damage your own teammates too. It is best used against forest giants and coil heads. You can collect the casings after it has gone off. 

Players have to press the left mouse button to pull the pin and will get five seconds to throw it again. It costs 40 credits and weighs five pounds for using a single time. 


Lethal Company - boombox

Players can lift spirits and use it to distract enemies too. It weighs 16 pounds and has a battery life of 5 hours and 40 minutes. 


Lethal Company - TZP-Inhalant

You will be able to cross large distances with heavy objects, but it can damage your brain if you use it too much. It has no weight and costs 120 credits. You can use it for 22 seconds, and the screen becomes red and orange the longer you use it. After 11 seconds, the vision and voice start to become distorted too. 

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Zap Gun

Lethal Company - zap gun

The best way to counter enemies is to stun for so long you are targeting your enemies. It weighs 11 pounds and costs a whopping 400 credits. Based on your aim, it can last up to 30-60 seconds. 

  • Press down your left mouse button after aiming and once it has locked on, keep it pressed won for however long you can 
  • You will have to move your camera left and right in order to do so and keep your enemies stunned.


Lethal Company - jetpack

You can travel at much quicker speeds in the game. It will cost you 700 credits and weighs 52 pounds with a thrust time of 5 seconds and power time of 1 minute.

  • After you have equipped it, press down left mouse button to begin the thrust
  • Press jump to begin your rise and stop it to hover with WASD keys to control the pitch
  • Do not press thrust for more than 5 seconds, as it will kill you 
  • Do not click too much, as it will jam the power usage, and you will have to click again to fix it

Extension Ladder

Lethal Company - extension ladder

You can climb any cliffs up to nine meters, and it folds itself after 18 seconds. It weighs nothing and costs 60 credits. It can kill you if you are standing directly underneath the ladder while it deploys. 


Lethal Company - radar-booster

You can use the ‘SWITCH’ to see it on the main screen, and it has to be activated while using ‘PING’ to play a distinct sound. It costs 50 credits and has a weight of 19 pounds. 

  • Keep it somewhere you will not get lost like the start of a maze, and the team member at the back will switch the cameras to the radar-booster’s camera
  • You can see the name of the radar-booster
  • You can type Ping followed by the name to play a voice in order to not get lost 
  • It is also useful as a source of light when you turn it on and hold it

Loud Horn

Lethal Company - loud horn

The horn can be heard from any distance and costs you 150 credits. You can use it as a warning sign after pre-determining what it is a signal for in the game. However, it does attract eyeless dogs. 


Lethal Company - teleporter

Click on the button to turn on the teleporter and you can go to wherever is being watched on the ship’s radar. You can bring back the fallen bodies from here and needs 10 seconds to recharge. It requires 375 credits and needs 3 seconds to activate and 10 seconds to cool down. 

  • You will see a red button within a glass case at the radar terminal
  • Focus on the person you want to bring along in the game through the teleporter

Inverse Teleporter

Lethal Company - inverse teleporter

You can get to any place outside the ship, and it can be used by everyone one time with a 210-second cooldown time. It will only transport you out but not inside, so be careful. It costs 425 credits and needs 3 seconds to activate. 

  • You will not be able to choose the location of where you travel as you press the yellow button.
  • Get inside the base of the teleporter after pressing the button 
  • If there are more people, everyone gets transported
  • It has red particles in place of blue

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the different items for players and the ship in the game. You will be able to use them much more handily after knowing the finer details. 

Last Updated on November 25, 2023

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