Lethal Company: How To Defeat Monsters And Creatures

There are a great number of monsters and associated dangers in Lethal Company that players will encounter in the game. You will need to know how to deal with them well to gather your items and bring them back.

The different moons have different threats, so you must know them. In that regard, the following guide will help you in defeating and countering them in the game. 

Lethal Company: How To Defeat Monsters And Creatures

Hygroderes, The Slime

Players should stay far away from this slimy mess as it can defeat you as soon as you get near. It gets enlarged as time goes on and even multiplies into two slimes if you strike with a shovel or stop sign. That is why it is essential to ensure you avoid the ground as much as possible. 

Hoarder Bug

Players will have to be wary of the area of the hoarder bug. It protects the loot inside the buildings, and if you go to catch it, it begins to fly and can attack you. The best way to deal with it is by hitting it with a shovel or stop sign and exiting the building. 

Snare Flea

It stays on the ceilings, and you must be careful. In case you get very close, it drops on your hand and will try to kill you. Your team members will try and defeat it by hitting with a stop sign or shovel or exiting the building, as it also helps.

Once done, you can head back inside. If you cannot find an exit or your team is unable to save you, the best bet would be to kill yourself and the snare flea by looking for a landmine, turret, or pit. 

Bunker Spider

A giant spider that is quick and can overtake you unless you are sprinting. You can get fixed within the web present on the walls or ground, so be wary around.

The spider usually stays patient and waits for players to get caught. However, you will not need to get very close, as it can be dangerous unless you plan on attacking it. It can withstand some strikes but eventually can be defeated. 

The Thumper

It will attack you as fast as it can once it spots you. It has superb eyesight from large distances but has terrible hearing. You will know it is near the loud sounds, and ensure you have a weapon handy.

Get atop a railing and attack with a shovel or stop sign. If you do not have a railing around, run fast and make turns since it slows when turning, and just be careful overall. 

Coil Head

A very dangerous creature in the building and can be known through its quick footsteps. It appears to be a tall, damaged mannequin with a coiled neck supporting the head.

It moves whenever you are not staring at it, so keep looking till you leave the building since there is no option to kill it. 

Bracken (Flower Man)

The most dangerous of them all. A vast dark figure with white eyes that glow is hidden in the dark. It attacks you when you look away, but do not stare for too long since it gets angry if you do. You can look at it quickly and then look away to have it go away.

Lethal Company - bracken

However, it returns every time, and the only concrete way of escaping it is by leaving the building. In case it grabs you, it will break your neck and carry you to its room.

A door leading to a big padded room is the creature’s room, and it is inside the building. It is an expert in sneaking, so it is tough to notice.

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The best way to avoid it is by going around with team members and not venturing alone once you know it is watching. 

Eyeless Dog

It shows up in the wild towards the latter part of the day. There are no eyes on the dog, but it has great hearing and smell. While it is most commonly found alone, there can be a very light pack at night.

You cannot outrun it; the best hope is to move in a zigzag manner. Its loud steps are a giveaway of its location, so you can be careful in your hiding spot and wait for your time. 

Forest Keeper

It also can be found outside and present in the forests. It will be able to spot you from far off and is more commonly found on Vow or March. It chases you and has heavy steps, so you must hide whenever it gets near.

Avoid ladders and moving up or down hills, but stay mobile. It will eat you alive if you are caught, so there is a chance of making it out if your teammates can help at the right moment.

Lethal Company - forest giant 

The Jester

It is only found on Rend, Dine, and Titan and is most commonly found within the mansion. You will have to escape through the exit as quickly as possible. It chases you for around 20-30 seconds, and once that is crossed, the small handle is turned, and the music gets louder and more distorted.

Once 40 seconds pass, a big terrifying monster emerges from the head, but you should be outside by this time. In case you are still inside, the monster will chase you around continuously till it kills you. 

Circuit Bees

They are found on all the planets that do not have snow and are present around their hives. The bees will attack you if you get too near or mess with the hive, and given their speed, they will catch up with you. The best way is to have a teammate create a distraction while another steals the hive and brings it to the ship. 

Earth Leviathan

The biggest in the game can be found on the deserts of Assurance and Offense. It comes out from underground, and players are recommended to exit the plant as soon as they know about it.

There will be a big red dot on the radar as it moves underneath, so you will have time to warn the team while making the ground shake, indicating it is ready to attack you. 

Ghost Girl

A rare opponent in Lethal Company. You can encounter her on Rend, Dine, and Titan usually. It is a small girl in a dress facing back and stalks you. You can avoid it for some time by keeping your distance, but once it makes up its mind, it will chase you till it reaches you and decapitates you.

Once done, it will go after your team members. The warning signs include sounds getting muffled and distorted, so it is best that you exit the moon as soon as it shows up. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the different enemies and monsters in Lethal Company. Every one of them has to be dealt with differently, so make sure of your steps. 

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

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