How to Unlock “Untouchable” Achievement (Commando) in Risk of Rain

Greetings, fellow Risk of Rain enthusiasts! I am excited to share a strategy to unlock the elusive “Untouchable” achievement for Commando, tailored explicitly for the EASY MODE.

Before we delve into the details, let’s foster a positive and collaborative environment in the comments. Constructive insights are always appreciated!

Guide to Unlock “Untouchable” Achievement for Commando in Risk of Rain


Establishing the Foundation:

Commando Selection: Begin your journey by opting for the DEFAULT COMMANDO. This choice not only bestows extended attack range but also endows you with the invaluable Invincible Roll ability.

Difficulty Setting: To facilitate a smoother progression, initiate the game in Drizzle difficulty.

Artefacts Unleashed: Maximizing your advantage, activate both the Artefact of Command and the Artefact of Glass.

Fine-Tuning Settings:

Rule Adjustment: Navigate to the rules section, under intensity settings, and set DAMAGE DEALT to 200% and DAMAGE TAKEN to 999%. This ensures heightened awareness of incoming hits and simplifies the overall gameplay.

Essential Items:

The Mighty THQWIB: An indispensable tool in your arsenal, the THQWIB, when utilized in the suggested settings, can single-handedly obliterate any boss.

Hermit’s Scarf: This item, when stacked, provides an impressive +10% Chance to Evade per Stack, rendering you adept at sidestepping enemy attacks.

Prophet’s Cape: Deploying a strategic approach, this cape blocks a hit every 15 seconds, adding a layer of survivability. Avoid stacking, as its healing effect is suboptimal.

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Red Whip for Mobility: The Red Whip, when stacked, significantly enhances mobility, facilitating evasive maneuvers.

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Executing the Strategy: Pre-Teleporter Phase

  • Embark on the stage by adopting a proactive approach, engaging enemies from afar.
  • Acquire items mentioned earlier by opening chests with accumulated funds.

Post-Teleporter Activation:

Employ the THQWIB’s to swiftly dispatch the boss, allowing you to focus on survival. After defeating the boss, adopt a cautious strategy of traversing the entire map, steering clear of remaining enemies.

Activate the teleporter promptly, without waiting for the timer, to seamlessly transition to the next stage.

Progressing Through Stages:

  1. In stage 2, strategically choose between accumulating additional items or promptly locating the teleporter to confront and conquer the boss.
  2. As you progress to stage 3, prioritize hitting the teleporter without the obligation of defeating the boss or adhering to the timer.
  3. Maintain a dynamic playstyle, utilizing THQWIB’s and activating teleporters judiciously to traverse stages efficiently.

Congratulations on your triumphant pursuit of the “Untouchable” achievement for Commando! Share your experiences and insights in the comments, fostering a community of collaboration and improvement.

Constructive feedback is encouraged, and I hope this comprehensive guide proves instrumental in your Risk of Rain endeavors. Best of luck, and may your journey be filled with victory!

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

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