Starfield: Should You Build The Armillary On Ship Or An Outpost

The following guide will help players understand what the effect of putting the Armillery in either place will be in the game.

Starfield: Should You Build The Armillary On a Ship Or An Outpost

The most important thing to remember is the Armillary’s safety. Keeping it at an Outpost will see the protection of turrets and remaining defenses.

In contrast, if kept on the ship, there will be the opportunity to avoid the Starborn and ensure no danger comes. Players will also be able to store the stuff in their inventory.

For those going with the ship option, the Starborn will show up more frequently, and you have to battle it away. You will stay near the ship to take care of extra enemies. If you go somewhere else, the option to jump back is always present.

Starfield - Armillary choice

Players keeping the Armillary at an Outpost will have the Starbon coming to attack, no matter where you are present. However, players have to install a lot of defenses and crew to safeguard it so they can roam around the galaxy without any tension.

There is an option of storing the artifacts within your inventory instead of the Armillary. Starborn will be striking you regularly, and it does not matter if you are present on the ship or roaming around planets.

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With all the options considered, storing the artifacts in the ship’s Armillary seems more prudent. That will help you stay close to them and ward off all the dangers from the Starborn.

Starfield - Building Armillary

Players looking to fight as much as possible will do well to keep the artifacts in the inventory since it will cause the Starborn to attack you often. The upside is that you will be gaining more Quantum Essence for powers and use them wisely later on.

Keeping the Armillary on the outpost will leave it vulnerable to attacks unless you set up strong protections against the Starborn. Players cannot stay with only a few firing options and hope to protect the artifacts safely.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when storing the artifacts and where to construct the Armillary in Starfield. You can make your own decision based on the abovementioned parameters, as each choice gives a different threat from the enemies present.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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