Manor Lords | Strategies To Dominate The Game

In this guide, we’ll dive into the intricate strategies and cunning tactics necessary to dominate the realm. Whether you’re a seasoned lord seeking to expand your influence or a budding ruler aiming to ascend the ranks, join us as we uncover the secrets to conquering and Flourishing in the world of Manor Lords.

How To Dominate In Manor Lords

Vital Details

To enhance productivity, it’s crucial to understand the flow of supplies within the game. Generally, resources are transported to a central storage facility like a storehouse or granary before they’re utilized. This centralized approach, where all industry and production activities revolve around the storage site, is essential for maximizing efficiency. For instance, in the case of grain, it first moves from the farmhouse to the granary, then to the windmill, and finally to the communal oven.

When planning the layout of your towns, it’s highly recommended to adopt a centralized approach, focusing on the strategic placement of granaries or storage houses. This centralized setup facilitates smoother logistics and resource management.

In terms of development strategies, three key areas stand out. First, investing in Forest Management provides access to unlimited berries. Second, prioritizing sheep breeding enables a steady influx of money. Finally, focusing on Charcoal-Burning enhances the efficiency of firewood production.

Alternatively, players can opt for a different development path. Emphasizing Sheep-breeding ensures a constant flow of income. Additionally, investing in Trade Logistics, particularly seeking out better deals for cheaper imported items, can reduce the reliance on home production, allowing players to purchase goods instead.

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Day 1

To kickstart your town’s development, prioritize setting up a logging camp. Without one, your timber resources will deplete rapidly, hindering progress. Assign at least one person to manage the logging operations. Be cautious with the camp’s location; keep it away from berry patches and hunting grounds to avoid disrupting these vital resources.

Next, establish either a hunting or foraging station to ensure a steady food supply. Allocate one or two individuals to gather food through hunting or foraging. Initially, focus on one station to maintain efficiency, as berry collection tends to be more productive.

Thirdly, construct a granary and storehouse. Strategically plan their placement at the town’s center, equidistant from all edges, for optimal efficiency. Although assigning workers at this stage is optional, it’s advisable to do so to prevent supply blockages that can slow down construction progress.

Once the essentials are in place, proceed to build houses and optionally a well. Approval ratings decline slowly, allowing you to prioritize other tasks if needed before attending to housing needs.

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Expanding Population

Begin by constructing a Church, which necessitates acquiring planks. Establishing a sawmill becomes essential for this purpose. It’s advisable to assign an ox to both the logging camp and sawmill, ensuring efficient resource gathering. Building hitching posts to accommodate additional oxen is recommended.

Once the population has grown, prioritize securing food resources. Implementing the forest management policy greatly benefits your town by boosting berry production, a reliable food source. As berry yields increase, consider constructing expansive vegetable gardens to further enhance food production. Opt for larger garden plots to maximize vegetable output. Additionally, experiment with egg production by constructing houses with small backyard extensions, although this method is less efficient.

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Next, focus on constructing your manor once sufficient resources are available. While the manor enables taxation, it’s advisable to delay taxation until your town has expanded considerably to mitigate the high approval cost.

As resources permit, prioritize upgrading houses to increase tax income and enhance town prosperity. Consider establishing a trading post to facilitate trade and generate additional income.

For your second policy, consider implementing sheep breeding, a lucrative source of unlimited income. Acquiring sheep initially requires purchasing them through a livestock trading post.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Church to further bolster your town’s growth and stability.


Preparing for Bandit Attacks

Anticipating the impending bandit threat, it’s crucial to make timely preparations to safeguard your city, especially considering the potential devastation they can unleash. While there’s a slim chance that other rulers’ armies might intervene, relying solely on this is not a dependable strategy.

Firstly, prioritize iron mining operations to acquire the essential resource for defense. Establishing a bloomery is pivotal as it enables the production of iron slabs from mined iron.

Secondly, upgrade a tier 2 house to serve as both a blacksmith and joiner. Focus on quantity over quality when it comes to defense; therefore, prioritize mass-producing spear men. This approach has proven effective in repelling bandit attacks consistently. Additionally, ensure a steady supply of planks by optimizing the efficiency of your sawmill, even considering setting up multiple sawmills if necessary.


Town Development

After successfully repelling bandit attacks and establishing a capable defense force, it’s time to refocus on the growth and advancement of your town.

Priority should be given to accumulating wealth during this phase. Utilize your sheep farm to generate a steady income by selling sheep. Invest the proceeds in purchasing linen for clothing, an essential resource for advancing from tier 2 to tier 3. Additionally, procure dye and consider producing ale or malt to further enhance your tier 3 production capabilities.

By this stage, your town should be approaching 100 houses. Farms become less essential in the game; instead, prioritize maintaining berry farms for a steady food supply.


Adopt a dynamic taxation approach, continually monitoring approval ratings. Consider implementing a taxation cycle akin to crop rotation, alternating between moderate (10-20%) and zero taxation rates to maintain stability and prosperity.

As funds and influence accumulate, expand your territory by claiming regions and establishing outposts for further development. Customize your town’s focus, whether as a production hub or otherwise. With a sufficient defense force of 3-4 spearmen units, military emphasis becomes less critical.

Feel free to specify any other aspects you’d like addressed!

With these strategies in hand, you’re poised to dominate Manor Lords like a true master. From overcoming bandit threats to building thriving economies and expanding your territories, your path to victory is clear. Now, go forth and conquer!

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