Ghost of Tsushima – How To Convert PS4 Save To PC Save

Welcome to our guide on converting a PS4 save to a PC save for Ghost of Tsushima! If you’ve been enjoying the samurai adventure on your PlayStation 4 but want to continue your journey on PC, you’re in the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of transforming your PS4 save file into a format that your PC version of the game can seamlessly load. Let’s dive in!

Converting PS4 Save Into PC Save In Ghost of Tsushima

Alright, you completed Ghost of Tsushima during its time as a PS4/PS5 exclusive, correct? You postponed that NG+ run on Lethal+, didn’t you? And now, with Nixxes delivering the ultimate gaming experience, you’re eager to dive into NG+ on PC immediately, aren’t you? Now, regarding that [Nixxes Software support page]…

Though I can’t assist with transferring your PS5 save, here’s what we can tackle together to navigate this challenge:

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Acquire a Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Save

To begin, locate a PS4 save file for Ghost of Tsushima. You have the flexibility to obtain it from various sources: your own PS4 console, a friend’s console, or from the broader internet community. For my part, I utilized the save file available at this link [].

Decrypting Your PS4 Save Files

Now onto the most challenging step, one that puzzled me for several hours.

Decrypting a PS4 game’s save files typically involves using a jailbroken PS4 or third-party programs like the PS4 Save Wizard. However, I encountered a roadblock as I neither owned a PS4 nor could the Save Wizard decrypt a Ghost of Tsushima save file.

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Enter the Xcier Discord server, which I discovered through this YouTube video:

YouTube video

You can join the Discord server (using the invite link provided in the YouTube video is recommended), and then, following the instructions outlined in the aforementioned video (be sure to watch it for guidance), utilize their Discord bot to decrypt the PS4 save files you upload there. In my case, I utilized the channel named “If everything you did worked” (assuming you used the same save file mentioned earlier in this guide). Upon successful decryption, you should receive a zip folder containing a file named dis.dat within a subfolder.


Don’t panic! While this file may appear to be in a different format than the save file Ghost of Tsushima uses on PC (such as manual_0000.sav or similar), it will indeed function for the PC version!

Transfer the Decrypted Save File to Your Game’s Save Folder

At this stage, you possess a decrypted PS4 save file of Ghost of Tsushima. Typically, the save folder for the game on Steam is located around:

Documents\Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT\76561198002039947

Here’s what it looks like in my setup:

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Essentially, take the save file obtained from the decryption process (dis.dat in my instance), rename it to something like manual_0000.sav (you can adjust the number if you have other saves already present), and then…

Congratulations, you’ve completed the process!

Now, you can launch the game, select “Load Game,” and load the save you just decrypted. If everything went smoothly, you should load into the exact saved game you recently decrypted.

In my experience, after performing this step and returning to the main menu, NG+ became unlocked. This indicates that the game updated its system save to recognize that you have “finished the game.”

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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