Starfield: How To Steal The ES Award And Should You Steal It?

Regarding the Earth Savior (ES) Award, it is mainly Naeva who wants you to grab it, but it is not an essential quest. In that regard, the following guide will help players obtain the ES Award in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Steal The ES Award And Should You Steal It?

Players willing to grab the Earth Savior Award must be wary of the guards. Since a lot of the event happens in the exact location, you will have to seek out Evgeny Rokov to learn more about the Award.

He reveals that Sheila Holbrooke is responsible for safeguarding the Earth Savior Award. Sheila Holbrooke is located in the main ballroom of the Spire of the Stars, and you can interact with her on the top floor.

Starfield - Sheila Holbrooke

Once you ask her about the Earth Savior Award, she reveals that it is present within the Purser Safe, which is specially locked. You have to use Sheila’s keycard to access it, which you can obtain by persuading her to give it to you.

Players may have to use a Paramour that will enhance their Persuasion level, enabling them to get the card from Sheila.

Once you have the keycard, head to the Purser Safe and extract the Award; then, you can carry it along as you finish the bigger mission and give it to Naeva later.

Not Stealing the Earth Savior (ES) Award

Players who do not wish to steal the Award can just dodge Evgeny Rokov at the beginning of the mission to focus solely on the primary mission aboard the Siren of the Stars.

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You will be favorably looked upon by Delgado, while Naeva will cut a portion of your pay at the end once you tell her you did not bring the Earth Savior Award.

If you want to earn more, go for the stealing option and obtain the Earth Savior Award.

Starfield - Naeva

Therefore, grabbing the Earth Savior Award will be better as you run through the mission. You will be winning extra credits once it is over, and Naeva favors you a little more, which can be helpful given her well-known expertise in spotting rats in the Crimson fleet.

That is why make sure you are making it a point to steal the Earth Savior Award, as it is much more beneficial in the game’s long run.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Earth Savior Award in Starfield. Players can go any way they like, whether it is to steal or not to steal. You can process it once you are in the moment but do try and obtain it, which is our recommendation.

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  1. Unless you have a decent level of persuasion, the best thing to do is to just mention it to Rostov when you first meet him, to talk about the ball. He refers you to Sheila. Proceed to persuade her as best you can or go ahead and fail. Then move on about your day and do the life support segment. Once you take it offline, do the bit where you talk to Rostov, afterward, in the guest suites. Next, head straight down back towards your ship. You’ll pass Rostov’s lockdown location in the lower crew quarters, near to where you first met him, I think. I’m either case you have to pass him to ge track to your ship. Talk to him and now you’ll have access to a single topic, “Help me access the ES Award.” Tell him Sheila said it was in the vault. He will give you access.

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