Ready or Not: Devil Achievement Guide

The basic premise of Ready or Not is very straightforward, with players expected to finish all objectives in every mission and get a rank. Along with this, there is also the added challenge of collecting the various achievements in the game.

One of the most curious achievements is ‘The Devil,’ which has confused many players about how to complete it. You may have to wander around for quite a while before you find out the exact nature of the achievement, so the following guide will help players finish it smoothly.

Ready or Not: Devil Achievement Guide

The most fundamental aspect of completing this achievement is the required hidden command. It shows up under specific circumstances and is not for the straight shooter.

The achievement is started by using the “kill me” command that will appear on your screen and against your team members. There is a catch here: the command will only come up when you have eliminated an innocent civilian in Ready or Not.

Ready or Not - civilian death

  • Players must select a map containing civilians like “Brixley Talent Time” or “213 Park Homes.”
  • Now, for the main task, you will have to take down an innocent civilian here. You have to be mindful of the person not being a suspect who has surrendered after releasing their weapon, as it will only result in a poorer grade.
  • Once you are done, make sure you have moved away from your team, and they are busy with other things so they cannot attack you after seeing the fallen civilian.
  • Those who have eliminated the civilian should now see only the “kill me” command that has removed all the other commands that typically give orders to your team members.
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It is important to remember that in case the “kill me” command does not pop up, players are advised to tie up the civilian with zip ties before eliminating them.

A final option is to bring a ziptied civilian and throw them onto the ground before firing at them. Now, you should be seeing the “kill me” command.

Once it shows up, select the command, and your team will kill you themselves, unlocking the game’s achievement.

The achievement is only counted if your teammates are the ones to eliminate you and not if you die from the civilian beforehand.

Ready or Not - Kill me command

The Devil’s achievement may not be to everyone’s liking, so you will be forgiven for not collecting this achievement in the game.

Moreover, there is a reported bug going around that apparently allows players to complete the achievement without eliminating a civilian.

However, it is not happening too much and depends on specific stuff that is unclear as of now. So, it is always better to use a tried and tested method.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding The Devil Achievement and the murky path to completing it. Nevertheless, in Ready or Not, players will be tasked with a lot of tasks that will not be easy to digest, so be prepared as you progress deeper into the game.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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