House Flipper 2 – Save and Config File Location

There are a number of ways that House Flipper 2 will be a game you enjoy more than its predecessor. You will have several new features and functions in the game, all of which are geared toward helping you succeed as the number one builder in town.

In this regard, you will also need to know about the locations of the save files and config files, as they can come in handy at all times. The following guide will help players in finding them along with their importance.

House Flipper 2 – Save and Config File Location

The great attraction of House Flipper 2 lies in the fact that players will be able to build their own houses through the Sandbox Mode.

While it is certainly not easy, the joy and satisfaction of watching your own house come up in front of your eyes certainly makes it worthwhile.

You will also be supported in this endeavor by some returning tools like the hammer, paint roller, and map. All of them are updated with new graphics and sharper images, so you can enjoy House Flipper 2 to the fullest.

There is also the introduction of a new town in Pinnacove which is nestled amongst the mountains and by the sea.

You will come across several residents with a myriad of stories and your old buddy, Tom. As usual, Tom knows everyone around and will be of immense help as you start your journey of navigation here.

House Flipper 2 - save file

For those who are more focused on completing tasks and helping out residents, there is the Story Mode in House Flipper 2. These projects will not involve building houses from the ground up and can be the perfect mood changer when you have enough construction work going on around you.

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Amongst all of this, you will be well served by gathering information about the save files and config files of the game.

For Windows users:

The config files can be found here:

  • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\House Flipper 2\Machine.ini

while the save files are here:

  • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\House Flipper 2\Profiles<Profile Name>\.

For Mac users:

The config files can be accessed by going to ~/Library/Application Support/Empyrean/House Flipper 2/Machine.ini, and the save files can be got through ~/Library/Application Support/Empyrean/House Flipper 2/Profiles/<Profile Name>.

House Flipper 2 - config file

For Linux users:

The saved files are found at ~/.local/share/Empyrean/House Flipper 2/Profiles/<Profile Name> and the config files can be accessed through ~/.local/share/Empyrean/House Flipper 2/Machine.ini.

It is highly advised that players do not attempt to change or edit the save files or config files, as they can damage them unwittingly.

Players should also know that save files are named after their profile names, and they can be backed up after you have copied them to a different place.

Your config files store information like graphics, audio, data, and more that are vital to the overall gameplay. There is the option of resetting your config file back to the default settings by removing it altogether and then starting House Flipper 2 all over again.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the save and config files in House Flipper 2. You will have use for them later on, so you should be aware of their presence.

Last Updated on December 19, 2023

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