Redfall: How to Start and Finish Intermission Snack Mission

The newly launched Redfall has several missions for players as they seek to escape the zombie-infested town. You will have an array of weapons and items to take your enemies. Sometimes, you will be required to aid other survivors with the tasks being imperative and emotional.

Nevertheless, some missions are not as severe, including the Intermission Snack mission. If that sounds, that is because it is a different kind of challenge from the usual, and the following guide will help players complete the mission. 

Redfall: How to start and finish Intermission Snack mission

The mission’s overall goal is pretty straightforward, with players having to fix a broken popcorn machine for their team to have popcorn. However, you will not have the items required to fix the machine, meaning your first objective is to look for them in Redfall.

The Intermission Snack mission begins as you search for the helicopter crash and return to the Fire Station. The popcorn machine should be visible to you on top of a shelf in the sleeping area. Players will start the mission as soon as they interact with the note present on the machine itself. 

The kit that players will require in this mission is present at the Overton Theater to the south of the Old Town. Get inside the building structure from the western side entrance of your choice, as you have two options.

Redfall - theater entrance

You can go through the opening present on the roof or the one in the ground. Players will eventually land up in the area behind the stage within the theater. Locate the greenhouse set and go down the staircase around it, and you will soon end up in a room with a dead body on a chair.

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Move past it to the second room, and there is an ancient popcorn machine present above a shelf towards the left, besides which you will find the necessary repair kit

Redfall - popcorn machine repair kit

After you have the repair kit, go back to the Fire Station. Go to the main room, where all the fire trucks are present, and you will come across the blue outline of a popcorn machine sitting near the lockers.

Redfall - popcorn machine located

Head over to the machine and click on “Repair,” and you will see a video of yourself repairing the machine which will lead you to finish the mission. 

Redfall - popcorn machine fixed

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Intermission Snack mission. You will get 800 XP points for completing the mission and can now begin to have popcorn to refuel your health little by little, as with other foods.

While this mission is certainly different from the other, more gory and ominous missions, you will undoubtedly enjoy having a change of scenery in Redfall, which is much needed as you keep playing on and progressing further.

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

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