Resident Evil 4 (RE4) : Remake – Controller Aim Settings Guide

The good thing about this guide is that its settings should not be affected by the patch because aim acceleration is disabled. You should just get more control if the dead zone issues are fixed. 

RE4 Remake: Remove Aim Acceleration and Improve Other Settings

By maxing their two sliders, the most crucial setting is to disable aim acceleration. The turn speed can be adjusted, and deceleration is recommended but mostly optional. Every RE game since version 7 has had acceleration issues or performance issues when using the controller.

Options – Camera (Acceleration and turning speed) 

Greatest Camera Speed (Controller)

  • Ordinary Interactivity = 6.3
  • While Pointing = 1.2

Evaluate different Greatest Camera Speed settings yourself and with deceleration on, the cursor won’t be as jittery in genuine battle, but the shooting exhibition doesn’t matter reticle deceleration on the objectives in there.

Resident Evil 4 - Aim Assist

Camera Acceleration 

Both “Normal” and “When Aiming” must be set to 10 (MAX). When you set the acceleration values to the maximum, the cursor immediately accelerates to its maximum speed.
In contrast to RE7&8, in this game, changing the acceleration value from 10 to 0 does not disable it; rather, it delays reaching maximum speed.

Options – Controls (Deceleration, also known as Mild Aim Assist) 

  • Reticle Deceleration = 3

This will slow your aim slightly when passing over enemies, but it will be subtle enough that you won’t get too stuck on someone in a group when panning over them. Keep in mind that this kind of help isn’t always reliable, just like other kinds of help in the game.

If you increase this value, it might not always work. It does not seem to work on enemies that were above me or very far away. It’s more of a save for overshooting, but you’ll still need to use good old-fashioned aim.

Additionally, it won’t help with the shooting gallery, so I tried dialing in aim settings that work with this value. You can make a few more changes as given below Options: Controls are listed below.

Resident Evil 4 - Aim Deceleration

  • By making R3 crouch rather than the B button, Control Type = A-2 enables you to dodge certain attacks while maintaining control of the camera, bringing the layout closer to RE7/8.
  • Run Type = Hold
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Pause, don’t avoid this right now! Running will still be toggled by clicking the left stick, which controls the right bumper. Holding the run button while in combat prevents the game from keeping you running when you want to stop and make a small movement.

Aim Assist and Deadzones vs Deceleration 

Simply put, any value currently behaves strangely. In practice, this means that you frequently aim in one direction to hit a target, discover that you have slightly overshot, and go to quickly make a slight correction.

However, the acceleration is still in effect even with a slight tilt back on the stick, so this frequently results in an overcorrection. If you thought that was bad, the other games would stop the cursor in its tracks rather than acknowledge the slight correction back in the opposite direction when acceleration was on.

This is superior to the in-game aim assist toggle, which has some issues I will discuss below. Flipping the script and having the game decelerate your aim when moving over an enemy feels more natural. You quickly find your target and then have assistance staying on target to make more precise shots.

Resident Evil 4 - xbox settings

Players looking to turn on Aim Assist, we discovered that snap & follow tends to temporarily move the cursor to match the enemy’s movement before losing lock, whereas snap & follow consistently threw me off when trying to land head/leg shots.

While snap & follow does help to snap on targets, it is not always reliable or a very smooth feeling. While Snap may be effective for some, in my testing, I believe the reticle deceleration method is more reliable.

Some of them said dead-zone fix, but they weren’t uploaded correctly, so don’t adjust the dead-zone at all. Another seemed to make my aim behave weirdly in a way that’s hard to explain.

I’ve now tested the game on the demo on the PS4, and a simple dead zone adjustment isn’t fixing what’s wrong. It feels smooth enough on Sony’s console despite an uneven, low frame rate.

Thus, it is unlikely that Capcom will also patch or fix the problem on PC, I am optimistic that they will, even if they patch the Xbox version. There is a well-tuned controller system, but it is only available on Sony’s console at this time. However, Capcom deserves credit for having the foresight to include so many options for customization.

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