Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake | Complete Village Map Guide

In Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode, players will be familiar with the Village layout. The arrangement is the same as the game’s dramatic opening combat, but there are many more foes to contend with this time. Many of the same strategies you employed in the main game will also work here, but some modifications exist.

If you want to obtain that elusive S+ Rank for beating all 150 foes in the Village, you should be prepared. This guide will provide all the information and strategies needed to be the last standing.

Complete Guide To Village Map In RE4 Remake

RE4 remake village map

Enemies To Expect

Like in the main plot, most of your opponents will be Villager Ganados. They will, however, have access to dynamite, molotovs, and crossbows in addition to farming implements!

After about a hundred adversaries have been killed, defeated enemies may begin to respawn as writhing, stabbing Plagas Guadañas and the typical Ganados Desnucados.

Bosses To Defeat

Enemies DefeatedBoss
30Hammer Brute
50Doctor Salvador (solo Chainsaw)
90Bella Sisters (twin Chainsaws)
130Doctor Salvador AND Bella Sisters

Item Locations

While enemy drops and crate contents are randomized in the same way as in the main game, there are a few objects dispersed throughout the area that will always be present. Don’t overlook them!

Green HerbBehind the first building on the right
Green Herb and Flash GrenadeThe first floor of the two-story house (third on the left).
Red HerbBehind the second house on the left.
Hand GrenadeIn the back room of the second building on the right.
Heavy GrenadeIn the chest at the top of the watchtower.
Flash GrenadeInside the shed in the far left corner (near the road to the Farm)
Golden EggLook for a chicken running around the map. It drops a Golden Egg when killed.

Bonus Orb Locations

resident evil 4 orbs

Bonus Orbs give you more time or fill your Mayhem Meter. Their places are randomized at the start of each match but drawn from a small pool. If things look bad, check one of these spots if you haven’t yet been there!

  • On the trail directly to the left of where you started.
  • Inside the first structure on the right (open-ended barn).
  • Inside the first structure on the left (dead-end). In the main tale, you needed Ashley’s assistance to enter this building.
  • Behind the barn, next to the wagon (where you got the Red Herb in the main story).
  • In the map’s upper right corner.
  • On the ledge above the starting spot (go through the barn and take a right to reach it).
  • The ground floor of a two-story house.
  • The roof is next to the two-story house (accessible through the second-floor window or a ladder in the rear).
  • In the second house on the right, in the back room (near the Hand Grenade)
  • In the vicinity of the Town Hall.
  • To the left of the Town Hall, in the garden.
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Village: How To Play

RE4 remake village

Take a moment to look up and to the right before engaging the Ganados. If there’s a Bonus Orb, make it your first destination because it’ll be the easiest to get when there aren’t many foes around.

None of the structures are incredibly secure, but the second floor of the two-story house is a decent site for Leon or Luis to take a stand.

Continue to kick the ladder down from the front window, and you can shoot Ganados as they come through the stairs or one of the side windows.

If the Ganados begin to overwhelm you, use the Flash Grenade from the lowest floor to stun them and flee. The best sniping spots are on the rooftops on either side of the house.

They’re not perfect because you’ll have to keep an eye on your back at all times, but they’re great for getting a few rounds in on bosses like Doctor Salvador before they come near enough to be a threat.

Unlike in the main game, the watchtower’s top will support your character’s weight. You can hide up there and shoot Ganados as they ascend the staircase, but this tedious procedure will undoubtedly run out the clock. 

You can, however, exploit this region as a temporary respite from bosses; if you wait until the triple-chainsaw battle is near the conclusion, you can lure the three big bads into the watchtower and toss the Heavy Grenade from the top chest into them from above.

Krauser and Hunk can both confront the horde from the main square. If things get too terrible, they should withdraw to the building where Ashley assisted Leon in entering the main game.

Because there is only one exit, you can minimize the number of adversaries you must deal with at any given time; keep an eye on the side windows, as molotovs and dynamite can be thrown through them!

Bonus Tip: 

Before they fly away, shoot the crows on the bonfire and rooftops; they occasionally drop stuff.

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