Risk of Rain Returns: Strange Prism Extinction Unlock Guide

In the vast and dynamic world of Risk of Rain Returns, players are constantly on the lookout for hidden gems and secrets that can elevate their gaming experience.

One such elusive treasure is the Strange Prism: Extinction, which unlocks a stunning white and purple skin for the Huntress. In this guide, we’ll unravel the steps to discover this hidden gem and add a touch of uniqueness to your gameplay.

How to Unlock the Strange Prism: Extinction in Risk of Rain

Discovering the Secret Location:

The journey begins in the Magma Barracks, where keen-eyed players will notice a specific area that is the starting point for this unlocking adventure.

This designated region is the key to revealing the Strange Prism: Extinction and granting your Huntress a dazzling new appearance.

Navigating the Invisible Wall:

Once you’ve identified the crucial area in the Magma Barracks, your next step is to backtrack and locate a hole that you can fall back down into.

Exercise caution, as there is an invisible wall to contend with. Skillfully hug the wall as you descend, ensuring a smooth transition into the secret realm.

Entering the Secret Room:

As you successfully navigate the invisible wall, you’ll find yourself inside the coveted “secret room.” The atmosphere of this hidden space is unique, and you’ll know you’re on the right track when the surroundings take on a distinctive appearance. Take a moment to appreciate the clandestine beauty of this secret location.

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Keep Swimming Right:

Your journey doesn’t end here. Once inside the secret room, continue moving to the right until you encounter magma again.

This is the spot where the elusive Strange Prism: Extinction awaits. Be prepared to face challenges as you progress, and don’t forget to utilize the rope to climb out. Brace yourself for a daring jump through lava to make your triumphant exit.

Celebrate Your Victory:

After overcoming these challenges and navigating the hidden recesses of the Magma Barracks, you’ll finally lay eyes on the Strange Prism: Extinction. Congratulations are in order, as you’ve now unlocked a stunning purple skin for the Huntress.

As you showcase your epic new appearance, take a moment to revel in your triumph and envision the envy in your friends’ eyes.


Risk of Rain Returns continues to captivate players with its intricate world and hidden surprises. The discovery of the Strange Prism: Extinction adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience, rewarding those who dare to explore the unknown.

With this guide, you can embark on the journey, unlock the elusive skin, and showcase your newfound treasure to fellow Risk of Rain enthusiasts. Happy gaming!

Last Updated on November 13, 2023

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