Starfield: Save File, Config File, and App Data Location

Players are diving into Starfield in Early Access, and there has been a lot of news already. A few critical things early on are the location of the Saved Files and the App Data.

With Starfield proving to be an instant hit, you must know how to find your system’s Save and Config files. You may face some hurdles while looking for the files mentioned above on your PC, so the following guide will help players regarding location and the exact spots.

Starfield: Save File, Config File, and App Data Location

Players looking for the save file Location for Starfield should follow this path:

  • Get in your File Explorer and go to This PC
  • In your C-Drive, head inside the Users folder
  • Choose the folder with your Username and navigate to the Documents folder
  • There will be the My Games folder, so inside it, you will see the Starfield folder
  • Access it, and you will find the Saves folder, containing all your Saved files

Starfield - save file

Players who have found the Saved Files and want to look for the Config File, Here is the Config File Location for Starfield on PC: C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Starfield\.

The config file is known as StarfieldPrefs. However, players cannot alter many things within the config file. You can only go for the following:

  • Render Quality
  • Resolution Scaling
  • Vsync
  • Upscaling
  • Film Grain Density
  • Motion Blur
  • Dynamic Resolution
  • AMD CAS Sharpness
  • Shadows

This is all of the settings you can edit. Players looking for more will be disappointed, given the relative lack of options. There seems to be only one config file for now for Steam and Xbox app users.

You are also recommended not to make changes to the Config file unless you are confident of the coding and are sure that you can make the necessary changes required for the game to keep functioning smoothly.

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App Data Folder Location

Starfield - config file

Players who cannot find the saved game files with the method given above will have to check your App Data and Local folders for the same. Here is the location for the AppData Folder for Starfield:

  • Get to the C-Drive by opening up the File Explorer
  • You will get the Users folder, so get inside it
  • Once you have found the folder with your account name, open it
  • Find the AppData folder and dive into it
  • There is the Local folder located here, and in it, you will find the Starfield folder
  • Now, you will see the Saved folder here, and at last, inside it, there is the Savegames folder
  • It is where you will get the saved game files

Players are recommended to change the Username to their Windows username when they are going toward this route. You will find your saved files in this directory, and if you cannot find the files with the normal path, be sure to check via this.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Saved Files, AppData, and Config Files. All players will appreciate knowing this, so make sure you follow the mentioned paths.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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