Rumbleverse: How To Add Friends And Play Together

It has been a solid year for Battle Royale games with Rumbleverse being the latest starrer.

The fun-loving, colorful, action-packed game play has been a favorite of mine. I found the locations and characters very aesthetically pleasing, and was looking around for the Multiplayer option.

However, this is where I found a little trouble. This is because if you want to get in on the action with friends, there are some hoops to understand.

In that regard, I have compiled the following guide to help players understand how they can activate the play with friends option.

Rumbleverse - Adding Friends

Rumbleverse: Understanding the Friends List 

Rumbleverse has three types of play: 

  • Solo Queue
  • Duo Queue 
  • Playground Explore

The last one is the free zone where you can just wander around. Rumbleverse only allows one more player to team up with you, and the list is pretty fixed.

It is because it is drawn from the Epic Game Store’s friends list only. You cannot bring in friends in-game and there’s only one list. Additionally, the Social Overlay is also disabled at most times. 

There are three options at your disposal:

  • Invite to Party
  • Report Player
  • Block Player

Therefore, I made sure to keep the “Minimize To System Tray” option turned off which stopped the game from relaunching itself in order to invite or add friends. 

Rumbleverse - Playing Duo Queue

Rumbleverse: Adding Friends to play

After you have navigated through the above mentioned process of finding out everything, you are ready to play with friends. This is what needs to be done now: 

  • I had the username that Epic Games provides of the friend looking to Duo Queue 
  • Run the Epic Games Launcher when the game has started and is on
  • Select the “Friends List” icon present at the top right corner of the screen
  • I had a little trouble finding it, so go for the icon that is on the right of the “Cart” and left of “Profile
  • Here you will see multiple tabs, so select the second one which will open up another screen
  • I searched yo their username and added them. Similarly, if the Friend Request is already there, you can simply add them
  • If you are searching, after the name shows up, select “Add Epic Friend
  • You will now find your friend under the eponymous tab inside the Friends List 
  • Now, you can invite other friends to the game or conduct a Join Party which will be visible to other players as well through the Epic Games Launcher
  • After they have joined in, I started Duo Battle Royale and kept on adding to the particular game.
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It is a cumbersome process, but the Duo Queue is a must-try, given its special appeal and innovative game play. Furthermore, you can also get a teammate even if friends are offline. 

Thus, that is all the information you will require to play with friends in Rumbleverse.

The game has been doing well in the charts and even though the number of friends are limited, you can still have a gala time. 

Last Updated on September 1, 2022

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