Saints Row 2022: How To Modify And Customize Weapons

Open-world shooters have always relied heavily on customization and transformation.

That is no different when it comes to the Saints Row franchise. I always marvel at the array of options available to me through colors, models, and skins.

Saints Row 2022 has kept the same flavor going through Santo Ileso, and you can start your journey after clearing the first few missions.

For players who are having trouble understanding the mechanics of the weapons change and how to get it done, the following guide is for you. 

Saints Row 2022 - Weapons Customization

Saints Row 2022: Getting a Friendly Fire store

As mentioned above, you will not have the ability to start customizing weapons right from the beginning.

Players will have to finish with the opening three missions “First F#@!ing Day,” “Morning Commute,” and “Making Rent,” that will allow you to explore the game readily.

  • After clearing the missions, I headed over to a Friendly Fire store
  • It is represented by a green icon that has a gun in the middle
  • Only Friendly Fire shops can enable players to start customizing their weapons as much as they want
  • Once you interact with the counter, it will show the weapons you have and all the customizable options like colors, upgrades, or even purchase newer ones.

Saints Row 2022 - Friendly Fire Stores

Saints Row 2022: Changing and customizing weapons

There is a multitude of options for players at hand. You can change the paint, size, and even shape. There is also the facility of customizing patterns and seeing it all come to life. 

  • Choose the weapon you want to get the moves on and head to “Customize
  • Here is where the multitude of options come alive 
  • Visual Mod: You can turn weapons to look like some others in the game
  • Material: Slap on Cutting Edge objects onto your weapon after they have been unlocked through the specific Criminal Ventures in the game
  • Weapon Colors: Change the look of your weapon as you see fit
  • Surface Options: The metallic and matte finish of the weapon can be customized for every area of the weapon
  • Weapon Decal and Weapon Patterns: You will have the chance to choose from preset liveries for weapons in the game
  • Reset Changes: Of course, I never could get my weapons looking the favorite in the first attempt so had to go again by resetting it back to the base form. 
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As I ventured more and more through the game, more options to change the look of weapons kept coming up.

Additionally, the Friendly Fire shops will keep offering you better weapons and more upgrades. 

Thus, there you have it regarding all the information surrounding the weapons customization. It is a fun part of the game that will relax your minds from time to time. 

Last Updated on September 1, 2022

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