Sonic Frontiers: How To Fix Graphics Issues

November has been filled with solid titles all around with God of War Ragnarok setting the pace. The Norse lovers’ fantasy is on every player’s lips but that is not the only major release to watch out for if you are up on your knowledge. This is because SEGA has dropped its latest iteration of its ever-favorite Sonic the Hedgehog franchise with the Sonic Frontiers.

The players have to go on crazy adventures once again in search of rewards while battling their ever-present robotic enemies and big giants. There are also a couple of new additions to the gameplay itself, but it has not been the smoothest of starts for the game. Several players have commented on the game automatically closing down when trying to boot for the first time.

While these issues are common for many games nowadays, fans would still want to get solutions as to how these problems can be solved. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to resolve the sudden shutdown error of the game at the start.

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers: What is new in the game

It is certainly a landmark moment for the game as this is the first edition that features the first-ever open-world setting. Players begin on Starfall Islands in their quest for Chaos Emeralds. You will be alone at the beginning after losing your gang through a wormhole.

The open-world arena means there are loads of mysteries, puzzles, and objectives to be achieved and solved.

You will be platforming your way through with the trusted elements of grinding over rails and getting rings. There are a bunch of collectibles to be found as well, including the likes of Kocos and Memory Tokens.

These will certainly increase the game time of playing, but players should definitely go for them whenever possible.

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You will also have your trusted Cyloop which can help your cause in figuring out mysteries present all across the various landmarks. You will have full powers of customization when it comes to speed, turns, and of course, movement throughout maps and blocking damage.

Sonic Frontiers - Graphics Fix

Sonic Frontiers: How to fix Graphic issues quickly

Coming to the problem at hand, there have been instances of the game shutting down after opening up a bordered way instead of the full screen. Players have tried to reach the Graphics settings but the game shuts down unexpectedly.

You will have to follow a few quick steps in order to bypass the issue for good. Here are as follows:

  • Move to the Graphics Settings present on your PC by searching via the Start menu
  • Then you will find the Sonicfrontiers.exe option which is present where all your Steam library goes to.
  • If you are unable to find it, simply go to “browse” and you will locate it
  • Once you open it, select ‘options’ and move it to ‘high-performance mode’
  • This will resolve your issue the next time you begin the game on your setup.

Thus, that is all the information players will need in order to fix this issue as it happens. Players can also wait for an official update but that may take some time. That is why this would be the best way to go in terms of getting back to playing Sonic Frontiers.

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

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