Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order | How To Get Orange Lightsaber


This is, as the heading suggests, a potential spoiler to the game. If you want to explore Jedi fallen order yourself and acquire the orange lightsaber, feel free to do so. For those of you who are fine with spoilers, can proceed to the rest of the contents of the article.


Where is the orange lightsaber?

  • As of now, this can only be acquired by the Jedi Fallen order Deluxe Edition owners (Origin access content)

How can we get the orange lightsaber?

  • In order to get this, you need to find a specific station/table. Interacting with the table/stations should enable you to upgrade your droid and/or customize your lightsaber.


How To Get Orange Lightsaber step 1

  • Find one such station, which is located on the planet itself. As we have experienced so far, this is not a hidden location so you should be fine with finding it. Just follow the natural course of the story and keep a lookout for any separate paths.
  • We found this station on the planet KASHYYYK.

kashyyyk table station location


How To Get Orange Lightsaber step 2

  • go up to the table/station and interact with it. It will pop up a customization menu with several options.

lightsaber customize station

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lightsaber custom


How To Get Orange Lightsaber step 3

  • Now just hover over to theĀ  COLOR TAB.
  • In the colors section, you should see a color called Orange (Premium Content)
  • Click on that and that should be it. You should now have it equipped and ready to be used in-game

orange lightsaber


Note that you can equip other premium contents for the lightsaber from this menu only. So make use of this station and do the full customization of the Exclusive contents of the game. Do not worry if you miss a station since there are multiple stations on different planets. And that is how you can get the orange lightsaber in Jedi Fallen order (Deluxe content)


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