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In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricate world of crafting and research in Starfield, transforming you into the craftiest astronaut this side of the Milky Way.

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Crafting & Research Guide For Starfield

Enter Starfield’s expansive crafting and research systems to help you attain that level of excellence. With the right skills, access to crafting terminals, and a stockpile of resources, you can enhance your spacesuit, upgrade your weapons, construct better outposts, and refine your culinary talents.

How Crafting Works in Starfield

To craft an item in Starfield, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the Right Workbench: Locate a suitable Workbench for the item you wish to craft.
  2. Select the Item: Choose the specific item you want to create.
  3. Pay Resources: Spend the required resources to craft your chosen item.

Starfield features five distinct types of crafting workbenches scattered across the universe. Fortunately, you won’t have to embark on a wild goose chase to find them all. A single room containing all five workbenches and a Research Station can be located in the basement of New Atlantis.

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Head to New Atlantis and fast-travel to the Lodge to reach this treasure trove. Just before entering the Library, where you’ll spot the mesmerizing anti-gravity rings, turn right, pass through the doorway, and descend the stairs. There, you’ll encounter:

  • Spacesuit Workbench: Craft and customize your spacesuits, helmets, and packs.
  • Weapon Workbench: Enhance your weaponry by crafting and attaching mods to various slots such as barrel, laser, optic, muzzle, grip, stock, magazine and battery, internal, and skin.
  • Cooking Station: Prepare nourishing meals and drinks for your interstellar journey.
  • Pharmaceutical Lab: Craft chemical compounds and aid items to remedy afflictions and gain valuable buffs.
  • Industrial Workbench: Manufacture basic components essential for outpost construction. Set up Resource Extractors at outposts you’ve already established for more advanced components.

Regardless of the workbench type, the crafting process remains consistent. Upon selecting an item to craft, a display on the right will detail all the necessary components. You can prepare the item immediately if you possess all the required materials.

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In Starfield, you have the option to track materials you lack. Simply press the “Track” button, which will aid you in locating these components. Once materials are tracked, a blue magnifying glass icon will indicate their presence in your vicinity.

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Unlocking Advanced Crafting Options

Initially, you might find yourself unable to craft anything particularly sophisticated. To unlock advanced crafting options in Starfield, you must:

  1. Advanced Skills: Develop the appropriate Skills to unlock new research projects.
  2. Complete Research Projects: Execute these research projects at Research Labs to unlock new craft mods at Workbenches.

All the requisite Skills can be found in the Science Skill Tree, organized into three tiers:

Tier 1:

  • Research Methods: While not directly unlocking new mods, it reduces research project costs.

Tier 2:

  • Spacesuit Design: Grants access to research more spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.
  • Weapon Engineering: Unlocks new weapon mod research options.

Tier 3:

  • Chemistry: Opens up new Chem research options.
  • Outpost Engineering: Allows research of new Outpost modules at the Research Lab.

Once you’ve identified the desired crafting options, the next step is undertaking research projects at Research Lab terminals. It’s worth noting that certain aid items can enhance your research efficiency, so consider applying them to your character before diving into the research process.

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Upon selecting a research project, you can contribute resources incrementally until all requirements are met. These contributions can be made at any Research Lab you encounter, including the one on your spaceship. Periodically, “Sudden Developments” may occur, reducing the resources needed for a project.

Crafting Research Categories

Starfield offers five distinct research categories corresponding to the five types of Workbenches you can encounter:

  • Equipment: Focuses on researching new spacesuits, helmets, and pack options.
  • Weaponry: Encompasses new weapon mod research projects.
  • Pharmacology: Covers research into new medical treatments and performance-enhancing chemical compounds.
  • Food and Drink: Provides more diverse meal options.
  • Outpost Development: Explores research into new Outpost modules.

Completing a research project can, in turn, unlock further research options. Head to the Research Projects screen and study the Research Tree to plan your route toward the desired technology.

Starfield Research Lab

Though this may seem like a complex process initially, it’s manageable in practice. A quick visit to the terminals at the Lodge on New Atlantis, researching a helpful chemical compound, crafting an enhanced barrel for your space pistol, and embarking on your next mission can become a routine part of your interstellar adventures.

With the many customization possibilities for suits and weapons, which mods do you consider your favorites in the game? Share your thoughts and strategies with us!

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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