Starfield: How To Unlock Cell D-02-106

You will be able to learn about the cell, either by stumbling onto it or by going through the computer files present within The Lock. There is an optional quest here to unlock Cell D-02-106, so players who want to partake in it can go through the following guide to find out how to do it in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Unlock Cell D-02-106

Players must find the security area that houses the computer with the D-Block Guard Post Workstation inscription.

It is part of the game’s main quest called Echoes of the Past, meaning you will be heading there naturally as part of the storyline. As you access the computer, a last entry file will read “LIMS-2111A/UC Message.

Starfield - Cell D2

This will tell you about the cell in the D-block section 02, filled with weapons and objects for the players to use and benefit from. Additionally, you can also be able to sell some of these if you feel like it once you have exited The Lock.

Now, players must go to the second level, where the kitchen is located. You will come across it as you keep on moving in the quest on your own.

A security area is on top of the kitchen, near the showers, as you come here. Get in there and search for the panel that has the words “D-Block Section 02 Cell: Release Switch” on it and switch it on.

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Starfield - Section 2

You will now be unlocking all the security doors in Section 02 that are present to the right of the security place. The cell block we are searching for, Cell D-02-106, is far back, to the right-hand side.

There may not be a lot of valuable items for the immediate mission, i.e., Echoes of the Past, but you can still sell some items off later on. The loot can change from player to player, and you can get a lot of help from the Auto-Rivet nail gun.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding Cell D-02-106 in Starfield and its unlocking during Echoes of the Past. While it is not a mandatory mission, you can still complete it to get more immersed in the storyline and acquire some items.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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