Starfield: How Magazines Function In NG+

he following guide will help players know more about the Magazines and how they connect with the set of perks available in Starfield.

Starfield: How Magazines Function In NG+

There are 100 Magazines for players to grab in Starfield and the New Game Plus. They all work in specific manners, and you will not have to grab all the Magazines in your maiden running of the game in New Game Plus.

Players will discover that each Magazine group has its own bunch of Perks. They constitute a total of 105 Perks for the 100 Magazines that you can acquire in the game.

The bunch of Perks are fixed in the game and can be unlocked in a manner already decided beforehand. Therefore, it will not matter which Magazine you take up in what order; the perks can be got in the already determined order.

Starfield - New Game Plus magazines

If players are worried about the order in which they get the Magazines, it can happen either before the New Game Plus or through the running of your maiden New Game Plus. You can even get it in a future New Game Plus, too.

There is also the bonus of grabbing the same kind of Magazines in various runnings of the New Game Plus as you play through, thereby ensuring that all the Perks from the bunch are available.

Players can also find Magazines they have already acquired before, meaning the set is complete, as it will not tell you the bonus that comes with it.

Therefore, you can choose to avoid it altogether in the game. You will see four types of Magazines that will give a fixed weapon type to which they offer the bonuses, and here it is:

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CombaTech weapons (CombaTech)

  • Beowulf (Ballistic rifle)
  • Big Bang (Particle beam shotgun)
  • Drum Beat (Ballistic rifle)
  • Eon (Ballistic pistol)
  • Equinox (Laser rifle)
  • Grendel (Ballistic rifle)
  • Hard Target (Ballistic rifle)
  • Kodama (Ballistic rifle)
  • Shotty (Ballistic shotgun)
  • Solstice (Laser pistol)

Starfield - different magazines

Laredo weapons (Gunslinger)

  • Bridger (Ballistic heavy weapon)
  • Coachman (Ballistic shotgun)
  • Lawgiver (Ballistic rifle)
  • Rattler (Ballistic pistol)
  • Razorback (Ballistic pistol)
  • Regulator (Ballistic pistol)
  • Tombstone (Ballistic rifle)

Allied Armaments weapons (UC Defense)

  • AA-99 (Ballistic rifle)
  • Breach (Ballistic shotgun)
  • Microgun (Ballistic heavy weapon)
  • Negotiator (Ballistic heavy weapon)
  • Orion (Laser rifle)
  • Urban Eagle (Ballistic pistol)
  • Sidestar (Ballistic pistol)

Tool-grip weapons (Mining Monthly)

  • Cutter
  • Arc Welder
  • Auto-Rivet

Players cannot lose their Perks as they are permanent and turned on, even if you later on sell the magazines.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Magazines and how they connect with the New Game Plus feature. The perks remain the same, so you do not have to worry about them in the game.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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