Neon White | Job 1 and Job 2 Gift Locations

Neon White is a single-player FPS where you can give up your weaponry in exchange for godlike parkour moves. This guide will instruct you on Gift Locations with how to get there.

Check out my guide below and let me know how you liked it. Do note that I will update the post with Job 3 Gift Locations soon. For now, only Job 1 & Job 2 have been included.

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Gift Locations For Job 1 and Job 2 in Neon White

Job 1 – Rebirth


Go all the way to the finish of the level to find the water ring. To the left, the gift is perched atop a pillar. To get there, run along the water ring and jump over the pillars.


To the left of the balloon demons, on a platform. Grab the rifle card and fling yourself up to it with the discard, which fires a bomb.

Tip: If you jump before the bomb goes off, you’ll get extra height.


Save the three rifle cards as you progress through the game. Use the first to jump up onto this roof, the second to launch yourself at the pillar, and the third to propel yourself up to the top when you launch yourself into it.

Tip: Even if you’re to the side of a rifle bomb, it will always launch you skyward.


It’s perched atop the frame that encircles the starting area. Use the jump to reach the roof and save a handgun card as you progress through the level. Then simply leap and run along with it normally.


It’s inside the pillar on your right as you begin. Shoot the demon to your right to acquire his gun card, then leap up to the next platform and collect the pistol card that’s in the air to make two pistol cards. Jump into the first pillar with one and into the second pillar with the other.

Tip: Before utilizing your pistol card jump for more height, remember to jump properly.


It’s easy to overlook because it’s hidden beneath the bridge you passed at the start. Grab the pistol card and leap from the bridge’s edge, then use the pistol jump to drive yourself beneath the bridge and grab it.


It’s atop the tower behind the finish line. Save your two rifle explosives as you progress through the level, shooting any demons as needed. When you reach the top, use one to propel yourself halfway up the tower and the other to propel yourself all the way to the top.


It’s simple to obtain; simply proceed through the level as usual, however, instead of breaking through the door with the last bomb, use it to bounce yourself up to the gift.


With a pistol and two rifle cards, get to the end of the level. To get across to the first roof, use the pistol jump from the end goal. To get to the top, use a rifle bomb to propel yourself at the pillar and a second on the side of it.


Make your way to the level’s final sector and save the three rifle cards. In the conclusion, kill the demon holding a gun card and use it to jump onto the roof.

Use one rifle bomb to launch yourself over to the thin walkway behind you, then leap onto the next roof normally, then use a bomb to launch yourself at the wall, followed by a third bomb at the wall to boost yourself to the top. To go to the gift, run along the roof.

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Job 2 – Killer Inside

Take Flight

As you begin, this gift is at the top of the tower in front of you. As you progress through the level, try to save as many cards as you can. (Rather than bombing the demons, use the shortcut and kill the yellow demon for a second pistol.) To get on top of the roof in front of you, use a pistol leap, then use a rifle bomb to drive yourself towards the tower. Finally, to go to the gift, utilise your second pistol jump.


This one primarily entails strolling along this path. Play through the level normally, but after rushing across the gap, turn around and jump up onto the walkway to the left. Continue walking until you reach the green area. To get to the gift, leap across to the building in front of you, then jump and use your new rifle sprint.


This gift lies on top of the structure that the first adversary stands beneath, and you can see it as you go past it. This section of the level can be completed without the use of any card abilities. Then, to get to the gift, use your two dashes (and a pistol jump if necessary).


This one is easy to miss because it is hidden beneath the platform near the end. If you look closely, you can see it under the vent where the water flows down. To get there, jump off the side to the left, then do a pistol jump followed by a dash.


To the left of where you fight the blue demon after jumping up, sits a Gazebo. Use two dash cards to get to this stage, and then use both of them to dash to the gift.

Tip: The dash card only propels you horizontally, so if you need more height, remember to jump regularly first.


This one is to the left of the tower that the last section of the level loops around. With two pistol cards (a pistol vending machine is right before this point), get to this place and then follow this path around, jumping between the walkways. Use both pistol cards to move up to the gift once you reach the middle of the last one.


This gift is hidden behind the glass wall, high in the air, within the building where the water stream flows. Jump on the balloon demon with a dash ability you saved from the previous part. To go to the gift, immediately turn around and rush towards it.


This gift is on the second-to-last building. Collect the dash card by jumping up the two balloon devils onto the first glass window. Turn around and sprint over to the building’s roof to claim the gift.


This one is on a small platform attached to a tower that is surrounded by part of the level. With the help of the water, you can get to this area of it. Grab the dash card, then travel backward along the water (or to the right if you used the shortcut), then jump normally before racing over to the gift.


This one can be challenging because it requires a large dash over to the distant tower. When feasible, save dashes as you progress through the level.

Here, you’ll need three dashes and two gun jumps. The two pistols can be collected by continuing further into the level to the vending machine.

Jump off and use your three dashes to reach the tower once you’ve completed this. Once inside, follow the path and utilize your two pistol jumps to reach the top, where you’ll find the gift.

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