Starfield: How To Find The Party Cruise

The Party Cruise is just like what it sounds, with drinks, company, and dancing alongside neon lights, representing a nightclub on Earth.

However, some players may struggle to find the location of the Party Cruise in Starfield, and that is why the following guide will help players in looking for the Party Cruise accurately.

Starfield: How To Find The Party Cruise

Players having access to any ship in Starfield will be able to communicate with the other ships present around them. The conversations can be friendly or about trading or can even devolve into fights among the galaxies.

You will be able to disable enemy ships as well, given you already have the correct skills and equipment around you. Players can then board the ships themselves after that in order to loot the enemy ship and take their role as space pirates to go against the laws.

Starfield - Party Cruise environment

When it comes to the Party Cruise, it is present in the cosmos, where you can join for drinks and dancing with the passengers present. Players also have the chance to switch off the gravity, meaning you will be able to float in the ship itself and enjoy a different kind of fun.

The main issue with the Party Cruise is that, similar to the Grandma encounter, this seems to be a random encounter in the game.

After you show up in a system, the Party Cruise can show up on the local Star Map, and you can go board it till the time it remains stationed there in the same area.

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It will travel on to a different part of the galaxy after a point in time, so make sure you are enjoying it as much as possible when possible.

Starfield - Party Cruise mood

You will not have too much activity to do on the Party Cruise except for drinking and hanging out, along with chatting and taking photographs with the Photo Mode of the game.

For the extreme shooters, you can start shooting everyone down and looting all the items present on the ship, but that is something you may not want to do after all.

Eventually, the Party Cruise does not have a major impact on Starfield; it just adds a bit of fun and flavor to the overall serious demeanor of the game.

You will be able to experience a change in the environment for a while, so make sure you are visiting it whenever you get the opportunity.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Party Cruise and what happens there. There is nothing urgent so it is up to you how much time you want to spend there.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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