Starfield | All Factions And How To Join Them

Starfield, the highly anticipated space-themed RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm. In this vast and immersive universe, players can align themselves with various factions, each with its unique storylines and missions.

But should you join the honorable UC Vanguard, the daring Crimson Fleet, or perhaps both? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the major factions of Starfield, how to join them, and help you make an informed decision about which one suits your playstyle.

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All Factions In Starfield And How To Join Them

All Starfield Factions

Before diving into the factions, it’s essential to understand that Starfield offers both major and minor factions. While you can’t officially join the minor ones, they can still influence your gameplay if you choose specific traits affiliated with them.

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Major Factions:

  1. Constellation
  2. Ryujin Industries
  3. UC Vanguard
  4. Freestar Rangers
  5. Crimson Fleet

Minor Factions:

  1. Spacers
  2. Ecliptic Mercenaries
  3. House of Va’Ruun Zealots
  4. House of the Enlightened
  5. Sanctum Universuum
  6. Trackers
  7. The Trade Authority

Can You Join Multiple Factions in Starfield?

Yes, you can join all significant factions in Starfield, and there are no immediate penalties. However, be aware that your actions within one faction’s questline may eventually affect how others perceive you, particularly in the case of the UC Vanguard and the Crimson Fleet.

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How to Join Each Faction in Starfield

Joining a faction is a straightforward process, typically involving completing specific quests and pledging your allegiance. To identify faction-related quests, check the “Faction” tab in your mission log or look for faction symbols next to quest names.

How to Join Constellation

  • You automatically join Constellation as part of the main story.
  • Visit the Lodge in New Atlantis’ MAST District and speak with Sarah Morgan.
  • Complete Constellation missions to progress through the main story.
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How to Join UC Vanguard

  • Head to MAST Headquarters and talk to Commander John Tuala.
  • Express your interest in joining the Marines.
  • Complete the required tasks, including a flight test.
  • Decide whether to pursue the Terrormorph plotline or join UC SysDef and contact the Crimson Fleet.

How to Join Crimson Fleet

  • Progress the UC Vanguard story beyond the introductory mission, “Supra et Ultra.”
  • Unlock the “Deep Cover” mission, which allows you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet undercover.
  • Balance your actions carefully to maintain good standing with the Fleet and SysDef.

How to Join Ryujin Industries

  • Travel to New Atlantis’ Commercial District and apply to Ryujin Industries at the red kiosk.
  • Follow the subsequent missions, including interacting with Imelde, your new boss.
  • Complete tasks to become an Operative at Ryujin Industries.

How to Join Freestar Rangers

  • Diffuse the situation at the bank in Akila City during the “Empty Nest” main mission.
  • Proceed to The Rock in Akila City and speak with Emma.
  • Complete a bounty as an evaluation test.
  • You are now a member of the Freestar Rangers.

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Choosing the Best Faction in Starfield

The “best” faction in Starfield depends on your personal preferences and playstyle:

Freestar Rangers: Ideal for players who lean towards doing good deeds, offering a predictable mission structure, local flavor, and insights into the Freestar Collective’s way of life.

Ryujin Industries: Suited for those interested in a darker, anti-hero narrative. The questline delves into Starfield’s core themes and presents a more nuanced anti-hero journey.

UC Vanguard: Offers a variety of mission types, genre diversity, and in-depth insights into Starfield’s lore, making it a compelling choice.

Crimson Fleet: Perfect for those who yearn for a pirate fantasy, with a treasure hunt at its core. Balancing good behavior with piratical activities adds tension to the storyline and reveals the darker side of the United Colonies.

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Starfield’s factions bring depth and diversity to the game, allowing players to choose their path in this expansive universe. Whether you opt for the noble UC Vanguard, the adventurous Freestar Rangers, the morally ambiguous Ryujin Industries, or the swashbuckling Crimson Fleet, your choices will shape your experience in Starfield. So, embark on your journey among the stars and explore the captivating narratives these factions have to offer.

Last Updated on September 4, 2023

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