Starfield: Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship or Turn in Evidence?

Starfield: Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship or Turn in Evidence? – It may appear straightforward, but you can make some different choices when it comes to achieving your goals. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand all the choices in this scenario.

Starfield: Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship or Turn in Evidence?

Players’ most straightforward choice is to take out the ship by going to Hurst’s coordinates for the boat. Pirates of the Crimson Fleet are present here, so you have to watch out for them as well.

You can trash the ship since its engines do not work and get back to him with the good news. Hurst will then hand over the package that you can bring to Brennan.

Starfield - Glenn Hurst

Saving the Crimson Fleet Pirates

Players who do want to take out the pirates can get on the ship and interact with the captain there. If you have a Bounty Hunter background, it becomes even more accessible.

The Crimson Fleet will hold you prisoner and demand some parts of the ship and the keys to the spacecraft.

However, this is where Persuasion comes in, as you can take the discussion to a better place. Players who are low on Persuasion can use Hippolyta or eat foods that increase the skill.

Players can leave if you fail your Persuasion by giving over a ship part. Unfortunately, you will not gather the evidence that incriminates Hurst, but you can find Sylvija Schloss’ body inside a room on the lower deck.

Players must take out the pirate captain beforehand to gather the evidence. Players who are successful with Persuasion can acquire the proof without any problems.

Starfield - Sylvija Schloss

Taking out the Crimson Fleet

If you plan to not engage in conversations, choose Attack as soon as you get on the ship to take all of them out one after the other. You will benefit by carrying a shotgun to take out the enemies quickly.

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You will be able to obtain the evidence on the captain’s body and the extra evidence on Sylvija Schloss’s body. You will now have more options for doing justice or credits to run.

Taking evidence to CDR Woodward

The game will prompt you to take both items of evidence to CDR Vincent Woodward. You will find the quest in the Activities tab of the Missions tracker.

Woodward serves as the chief security officer in Cydonia, occupying the office to the left of the entry point when coming from Mars.

Starfield - Woodward

You have to choose the dialogue option to reveal the truth behind Hurst, and then Woodward will give you the chance to complete the task of acquiring the Brennan package.

The remaining portion is the same if you save the ship. Players who may return to Cydonia later on will find Woodward as the acting Governor, taking care of Mars.

Blackmail Hurst with Evidence

Starfield - Hurst evidence

Players who want to surprise Hurst with the evidence will get two options. One does nothing, while the other will give you a more rewarding ending.

Glenn will offer to purchase the evidence, and accepting it will give you 12,000 credits along with the package for Brennan, but using it as leverage will have no effect, and Hurst carries on as Governor.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Red Tape Runaround quest. You can remove Hurst or get rich through the credits with the evidence you have, so it is really up to you as to what you choose to do.

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