Ultimate Supermarket Simulator Guide: Beginner’s Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Welcome to the exciting world of Supermarket Simulator, where you’ll embark on a thrilling journey to manage your very own grocery store. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of gameplay.

Get ready to dive into the fast-paced and fun world of Supermarket Simulator, where success depends on your strategic decisions and customer satisfaction. Let’s start your journey to becoming the ultimate supermarket tycoon!

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Ultimate Supermarket Simulator Guide: Beginner’s Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Storage Enhancement

Enhancing your store with storage is a valuable addition. It allows you to neatly organize items on racks, maintaining a visually appealing shop.

Storage specifically accommodates racks and boxes, excluding other furniture or furniture in box mode. Additionally, racks cannot hold furniture boxes within them.

Each rack provides 8 spots for boxes, with the capacity varying based on box size: 27 / 6 / 2 / 2 / 1 / 1 boxes.

Upon upgrading to “section 3” for storage, you gain the ability to freely move between the store and storage. This not only accelerates the restocking process but also significantly enhances the usefulness of storage.

Important to note: even with the storage upgrade, deliveries still occur outside. You must manually transfer items to storage for utilization.

For those considering cost-saving measures before purchasing storage, temporary street storage is an option. However, there’s no guarantee items will remain there due to potential bugs, despite claims of item retention.

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Customer Management Tips

Customers in your store play a crucial role in its success. After making a purchase, they may express dissatisfaction if they can’t find a specific item or if they perceive the prices as too high. Regularly checking for complaints is essential to enhance the overall shopping experience.

If a customer can’t locate an item or finds the prices high, they may still explore the store for other products unless it is the sole reason for their visit. Although this may slow down the shopping experience, it won’t come to a complete halt. Therefore, when acquiring a new license, there’s no obligation to fully stock the shelves immediately.

In this game version, there’s currently no penalty for having long queues at the registers. Customers patiently wait until there’s more space at the register, either remaining in place or relocating to a random spot to wait.

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Notably, boxes do not collide with customers, providing flexibility in placement. Feel free to position them wherever you prefer.

As your store level increases, expect a higher influx of customers. Managing their needs and addressing potential concerns will contribute to the overall success of your store.

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More Beginners Tips and Tricks for Supermarket Simulator

Optimize Delivery Payments

When restocking, consider buying items in sets of 3, 6, or 10 to minimize delivery payments, which are €2 for 1-3 items, €4 for 4-6 items, and €8 for 7-10 items.

Pricing Strategy

Experimenting with item prices reveals that setting them at Market price + 6% results in minimal complaints. You can consider pricing items up to 10% higher than the market price to increase profit.

Loans Management

Loans can be beneficial for upgrades, but be mindful of the payment time. If you pay in advance, watch the payments tab, as the payments remain, potentially increasing the total cost.

Efficient Register Operations

Round item prices to even €0.05 to streamline cash transactions and expedite card payments. Consider rounding to the nearest €0.1 for even faster transactions.

Register Caution

Be cautious not to give excessive change on the register; the green indication may still result in an overpayment.

Handling Restock

Boxes in the loading area won’t disappear, allowing you to buy in bulk. Move items together after purchase for efficiency.

Morning Prep Time

Time does not advance at the beginning of the Morning, providing a calm period to restock and buy items before shop opens.

Price Newly Stocked Items

The game may alert you if items are sold without prices, so promptly assign prices to new items.

Visual Store Management

Expect to rearrange item locations periodically, especially after acquiring new licenses, to maintain visual perfection.

Space Considerations

Larger items occupy significant shelf/freezer space. Be prepared to allocate multiple spaces for a single large item to avoid customer complaints.

Movable Furniture

The computer table is movable, allowing you to reposition it in the store.

Box Handling

Boxes can be closed again (default key: C), which is useful to check if they’re empty without opening.

Trashcan Caution

Exercise caution when throwing boxes in the trashcan, as there’s no warning if they contain items.

Extra Boxes Storage

Utilize fridges to hold boxes on top, providing extra storage for items.  

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Last Updated on April 19, 2024

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