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Library of Ruina is a game that uses the concept of a “Library Battle Simulation”. You will invite guests to the Library and engage in combat with them to gain ‘Books’ with their stories. Battles are played with the ‘Librarians’ and the ‘Guests’ using cards and dice. You can plan against the guests’ moves by looking at the cards they will use and select the most optimal card to oppose them. The game is basically a turn-based strategy game using cards, but the mechanics it has are quite intricate and interesting.

The basics of such a mechanic are the Invitations. In this guide, we will take a look at the types of invitations that the game has. How do we send such an invitation in the first place, the mechanics involved in doing so, and more information related to it!

Complete Invitations Guide for Library of Ruina

If you are new to the game, you may be wondering, what are invitations, and why are they important? Well, The Invitations is the game mechanic to invite Guests to battle inside the Library. The battle happens via Books that might be related to their interest or story. Before Invitations happen, you need to go through Receptions. These require an Invitation process beforehand to start them and different types of Invitation can be done through the game’s progress. In this game, there are two types of Invitations. They are Red Invitation and General Invitation. In this guide, I will show you two major aspects of this:

Sending Red Invitations

This is the beginning of the reception where you send Invitations to guests. Usually, Red Invitations are for those guests who have a major influence on the main story. The first step of a Red Invitation is choosing guests. You should click on the Question Mark (?) in the middle of the screen to do so. Indications are clear by a “?” mark: questions mark library of ruina. A new Menu will open after that. From here, click on the Episode Number from which you want to invite the guests. This is also known as ‘Inputting Book I’. Once you select the episode, you will now have to pick a book from a list. Click on the slots on the list.

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Now select the book you need from ‘the book of the day. Once you select the book, you will be shown a screen where the list of guests will appear. if you are doing this for the first time, it won’t show up. Once you have fought them, they will appear afterward. After you are done with this step, simply click on the button that says ‘Send’ send library of ruina to send out the invitation to your requested guests. Here are a couple of illustrative images to help you:

books 1

choosing guests

Sending General Invitations

You send general invitations to those guests who are not important or do not contribute to the main story of the game. Your ideal situation for using this invitation will be to get extra items. One other thing to note is that these invitations do not require specific books, like Red invitations. Now let me take you through the process. First of all, pick ANY book you register as your ‘Book of The Day’ by choosing an empty register slot.

picking book of the day

Take note that choosing a combination of books that you use for a Red invitation, will select and invite those matching guests instead. So pick the combination of books carefully since you do not want the main story characters here. After selecting the book of the day combinations, press ‘Send’ send library of ruina to confirm the Invitation.

That is all you need to know to get down the basics of Invitation for the Library of Ruina. I will be uploading more content soon so keep in touch with this site. Leave your doubts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!

Last Updated on August 12, 2021

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