TEKKEN 8 – Best PC Graphics Settings Guide

In this detailed guide on TEKKEN 8, I will be sharing my best PC graphics settings for this game. The game is already quite optimized in my opinion. These changes will just make it run smoother.

TEKKEN 8 Best Graphics Settings

Best Graphics Settings on PC for TEKKEN 8

These are just my suggested best graphics settings for the game. These can be changed as per your liking. Please do share your settings and changes as well, and I can share it with the community.

Screen Mode

Borderless – Since I use ALT-TAB a lot, I mostly use Borderless for my Screen Mode. This takes off load from the GPU and CPU and makes the tab shifting easy.

If you are not multitasking, I would recommend that you keep this to Fullscreen for the best performance.


Native (2560 x 1440) – This is my native resolution for the game, and tend to keep it the same for most of the fighting games I play. Unless you are running a very low-end system, I would not recommend you change the resolution from Native.


Off – I do not face any screen tearing, so I keep it Off. If you face any kind of tearing on the screen, I would suggest you turn it ON. There is a very small amount of input delay when I turn it ON. This can be specific to me, so let me know if you face it differently.


DLSS Quality – I tried other options as well for my 3060Ti but DLSS Quality gave me a good balance of great visuals and performance. You can also try the NIS option if you want to play TEKKEN 8 at 100% Rendering Scale.

Anti-Aliasing Quality

High – This option was fine for me, and I also kept the Low-Medium Systems in mind while using this setting. If you cannot manage 60FPS with a High setting, keep this to Medium.

Shadow Quality

Medium – Medium setting is decent for Online and Competitive play on TEKKEN 8. Shadows are not that necessary for Online Modes since the focus is mainly on winning and getting off flawless combos.

Texture Quality

High – Anything below High will not look great if you are going for decent visuals while playing TEKKEN 8. Hence this option is decent, even for Medium End Systems.

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Effects Quality

High – I got decent effect quality with High settings. This can be resource-intensive for Low-end systems so keep this to low if you are facing issues running it at 60 FPS.

Post-Processing Quality

Medium – Post-processing is also resource-intensive so if you face issues or jitters, it is best to keep this Medium or Low for best results.

Background Quality

This is optional but I keep it Medium on my 3060Ti. Backgrounds can become heavy for certain maps like the Lava Map, so I keep it Medium to save some performance for my Online matches.

Measure/Display FPS

ON – I like to view all the data that the game has to offer, including the FPS. If you are not using any other software, this inbuilt FPS Counter is your best bet to track Frame Rates.

PC graphics settings tekken 8

What are Testing Specs?

These are the system specs I used to test TEKKEN 8:

  • Operating System – Windows 11 – 64 Bit
  • Memory – 32 GB DDR4 (3000 Ghz)
  • Storage – 1 TB SSD NVMe M.2
  • Processor – Ryzen 5 5600x
  • Monitor – Odyssey G7 (2K)
  • Graphics Card – RTX 3060Ti FE

Test Results

I tested the game in different maps and settings, and here are the average results I got for TEKKEN 8 for the above settings:

GPU TEMP62 Degrees
CPU TEMP42 Degrees
FPS60 FPS Locked

If you are running low-end systems, I would recommend you dial down most settings to low. Keep the Texture Quality to High and you should be fine with the rest of it. This applies to some of the following systems:

  • GTX 1660 – I3 12th or 13th gen
  • RTX 2060 and Ryzen 5 Series or Intel i5 12th gen
  • RTX 3060 and 3060Ti
  • GTX 1650

The game is quite well optimized as far as I can see and there are only little changes that need to be done to make it run even smoother. If you need further suggestions for your system, make sure to drop a comment, and I will try to resolve it to the best of my knowledge.

That would be all from this guide on TEKKEN 8’s best graphics settings on PC. For more such guides, keep an eye on our website, and follow the TEKKEN 8 Guides section.

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 26, 2024

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