TEKKEN 8 – Best Keyboard Controls On A PC

Want to know the best keyboard controls for Tekken 8 on PC? Worry not as I got you covered with this comprehensive guide for the same. These will be my suggested top binds on PC for the game. Do try them out and let me know the outcome.

TEKKEN 8 Best Keyboard Controls on PC

TEKKEN 8 – Best Keyboard Controls and Binds for PC

I usually play fighting games with my Keyboard, and TEKKEN 8 is no different. I tried it with my Keyboard binds, and I want to share with you what I use. You can give them a go and let me know how it works out.

I will first show the suggested best keyboard controls for TEKKEN 8, and then explain why I use them and some of the benefits I find upon using them.

To Access the Keyboard Controls and set them, go to “Options” on the main screen. Then head over to Controller Setup. Depending on the controller you are using, the game will pick it up automatically.

Left Punch (LP)J (A for Controller)
Right Punch (RP)I (X for Controller)
Left Kick (LK)K (B for Controller)
Right Kick (RK)L (Y for Controller)
Throw 1 (LP + LK) H (LT for Controller)
Throw 2 (RP + RK)Y (RT for Controller)
LP + RPU (LB for Controller)
LK + RKO (RB for Controller)
LP + RP + LK
LP + RP + RK
LP + LK + RK
RP + LK + RK
LP + RP + LK + RK
Heat Burst / Heat SmashC (Left Stick Press on Controller)
Special StyleN (Right Stick press on Controller)
Character MovementsW, A, S, and D (D-PAD / LS Movement Stick on the controller)

Best Keyboard Controls TEKKEN 8

Why Use These Keyboard Controls?

My LP is set to J. RP is set to I. LK is set to K and RK is set to L. All you need to do to set these binds is go over to Custom Controller Setup and press the Buttons on the keyboard as you like to set them.

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You will notice that I use LP + RP and LK + RK. The rest of the binds are not bound. I found out that you can simply press the LP + RP button and then press one of the buttons to use the 3-button input. For example for LP + RP + RK, I would press U + I on my keyboard. It is that simple.

I have bound the throw buttons to nearby buttons just in case. If you are playing some like King, you would need these binds to be near for those devastating grab inputs.

besides that, I only use Heat Burst, which is C on my keyboard, and Special Style (SS) which is N on my Keyboard.

For the best movement I use the default W, A, S, and D. I can do wave dashes quite fine and the movement seems smooth with WASD buttons on the keyboard. Backdash is tricky for me, but if you practice well enough, you can do it with ease.

You can always change some of the binds to your liking since this is not a foolproof way to play using the keyboard. These settings and binds are subject to change. Let me know if you have better options and I will make sure to share it with the TEKKEN community.

Thanks for reading this post on the best keyboard controls for TEKKEN 8. For more of such guides, keep an eye on our TEKKEN 8 Guides section. I will see you soon with more such guides.

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Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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