The First Descendant Beta – How To Claim Pre-registration Reward

I played the closed Beta for the First Descendant when it was available for a few selected players. Well, good news comes in for all the players as the game now comes in as Open Crossplay Beta!

Now, if you have played the CBT of The First Descendant, you would know that some reward was coming our way when the open Beta dropped. Well, the time has finally arrived, and I will show you how you can claim the Pre-registration Reward for The First Descendant Beta.

The First Descendant Beta – How To Claim Pre-registration Reward

After completing the first mission for the game, which should be a tutorial mission, you gain access to Albion. This is your central hub, where you get to meet other players, start new tasks, and gain access to other vendors.

Here, as you enter Albion, turn left, and you should see a red box:

The First Descendant Mail

Go ahead and interact with the package; you should see a mailbox. Go inside the “Mailbox.” You should see a list of mail inside there. If you have played the Closed Beta Test, you should see three skins as rewards waiting for you to claim in the game. Here, you will get the following skins:

  • Reaper of the Battlefield (Lepic)
  • Undisclosed Project (Ajax)
  • Everlasting Honor (Viessa)

The First Descendant rewards

Once you claim the reward, you can equip it in the following way:

  • Press I on the keyboard to open the menu.
  • Head over to the Customize option.
  • Go to the Descendant Skin option and click on it.
  • You can either equip body skin or head skin, and the entire skin will be changed for you.
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The First Descendant Skin Equip

Since I picked Ajax, I got the undisclosed project. The skin is fantastic and one of the best-looking skins I have seen in the game for Ajax. I used the coloring system by pressing “F” to color it Golden, which made the skin pop out even more.

You can also use the other two skins for the other two classes, as they are equally stunning. Note that if you have not played or pre-registered for the game before, these exclusive rewards will not appear in the mailbox.

That is all I had to share in this post on how to claim your pre-registration rewards in The First Descendant. Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next one.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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