Starfield: How To Bring Books To Cora Coe

Players will meet Cora Coe in Starfield, who is the intelligent daughter of Sam Coe. She loves books and reads through anything available, so the question arises of whether players can bring them any books.

Starfield: How To Bring Books To Cora Coe

Cora Coe stays on the starship, and when you interact with her, she will request you to get her original volumes that you can obtain through your adventures. In that regard, the following guide will help players determine whether they can bring books to Cora Coe.

Once you finish the mission with Sam Coe and return to the Lodge, you can talk to Cora Coe. You will remember from Sam Coe that his daughter is brilliant and likes reading everything.

As you interact with Cora Coe, you will realize that she is looking for you to acquire real books so she can go through them.

Cora Coe will not be excited by electronic slates or any devices as her attraction lies with printed paper that has the book smell.

Players can hand her money for the book allowance, and while you do loot tomes in the game, there seems to be the logic that players will get books for her.

However, this is not the situation in Starfield, as handing her anything from the inventory is impossible. You will not see any kind of quest or mission that is linked to bringing Cora Coe books with the dialogues.

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Even in several situations, players have no choice but to give her books that she can read in the game.

Starfield - Cara Coe

It does feel that the developers could have added a scenario where you hand her books and even participate in a mission with her and Sam Coe.

Nevertheless, it is impossible now, and players can only discuss the love of books that Cora Coe has in Starfield.

Thus, that is all the information players will need to understand this issue about Cora Coe.

You will have a lot of books that you can acquire in Starfield, and make sure you are keeping them well because there might be a time in the future when you may be able to give some of them to her. That will be great!

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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