The Outlast Trials: How To Complete Kill the Snitch Trial 

Players will come across several trial parts in The Outlast Trials, with ‘Kill the Snitch’ being one of them in Program 1. This particular task involves the players getting inside the police station and taking out the captured snitch for his actions.

The main objective, as described in the game, is “False witnesses must not be allowed to spread their false truths. Take the Snitch to the execution chamber and silence his lies.” In that regard, the following guide will help players understand how to complete the task from beginning to end. 

The Outlast Trials: How to Complete Kill the Snitch Trial 

The way to begin the Kill the Snitch Trial is by infiltrating the police station, but it will not be easy since the monsters are patrolling and will be after you. Additionally, players must be wary of the Warden, who yields the shock baton. You must move around and take advantage of your environment to lose them. 

Getting inside the police station

Once you reach the Police Station via the shuttle, search for the wrecked police car that is burning near its entrance. It will be blocked off, meaning players must get in through the side door and climb through the station window. 

The Outlast Trials - police station entry

Finding the Security Room

After players are inside, you will come across arrows that will take you to the security room. This will be a long route with dark rooms involved. That is why keep your night-vision goggles handy, as they will help you avoid the lurking enemies here. After reaching the gates, get inside and then click on the marked button for the cells present that should unlock now.

The Outlast Trials - security room entry

Pushing the snitch

The rails will guide players as they get to the open cell holding the Snitch. You will knock him out by pushing him to the chair. Whenever you leave the cell, you will find the lights are off, with only the emergency lights kept on, meaning the gates are currently deactivated. 

The Outlast Trials - pushing snitch

Turn on generators in the basement.

Players have to fix the generators present in the basement. You will cross the underground parking with the night-vision goggles on. Be careful of the Warden and other enemies present nearby as well. You must fix two generators by searching for the fuel canister and returning it to the generator with both items marked.

Fill the generator’s tank with fuel and find the generator switches to the side. Players have to turn it on in the correct order, or they will reset. Use both sets on either side and then the panel in the front, which will involve you pulling the crank at the perfect time. 

The Outlast Trials - generator

Go back to the Snitch and unlock the gate

After you are finished with the generators, get back to the Snitch and keep pushing him till you reach the locked gate. When you reach there, you will find a monitor that will give you a clue regarding the key. Get inside the room that has a “key” inscribed, where there will be a corpse with a blue heart that has the key. Unlock the gate with the key.

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The Outlast Trials - corpse key

Unlock all the gates.

Look for all the keys present at the police station. Peer into the monitors above each closed gate, and you will find clues. As before, you must get the corpses with similar signs to the ones shown to get the respective keys.

Players should try and use the night-vision goggles since the corpses glow, but you may have to save them wisely since the battery can get over. Keep unlocking the gates as you find one after the other, with three total. 

The Outlast Trials - all keys

Electrocuting the Snitch

The final parts of the trial are now upon us, with players now pushing the Snitch to the electrocution room. Once the Snitch is pushed into the chamber, go to a panel and hold the lever to begin the process. Keep holding it till the level on the panel gets to 100%.

Here, players will also have to distract the Warden since he will be hearing the Snitch screaming, and you cannot stop the process. 

The Outlast Trials - electrocution snitch

Get back to the shuttle.

After everything is done, return to the mission’s beginning point and call the shuttle. While it will take some time to reach, players must fight off any enemies. As the shuttle comes, ride it to finish the task. 

The Outlast Trials - exit

The Outlast Trials: What are the rewards for finishing the Kill the Snitch Trial

Players who do the entire trial for the first time will receive +1500 XP and $500. You can also get $1000 if you receive an A+ rating. Alongside them, you will also get everyday rewards like random cosmetics, cell decoration, and further XP and money, depending upon the rating. 

The Outlast Trials: Where to find all the posters in Kill the Snitch 

You will find three posters in the Kill the Snitch trial. The first poster on the wall from the mailbox on the opposite side of the road is present at the entrance of the station. The second poster is to the left wall of the passage that goes onto the ramp heading into the underground parking lot. The last poster is within the Dispatch Room in the security station on the right-hand side room. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Kill the Snitch Trial part. You will have to be stealthy and careful while navigating the insides of the police station. You will get better as you play more, and of course, the nature of managing the Snitch will be precise. 

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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