Zelda TOTK – Where Are All The Stables Located And What You Can Do

Regarding The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the towns are very far apart. That is why stables have sprung up all over Hyrule to connect the long excursion between two towns in Hyrule. There are a few other things you can do at Stables, including cooking, shopping, and talking, in addition to taking care of your horses and borrowing them as needed.

We have outlined the precise locations of all Tears of the Kingdom Stables in our guide below, filled with coordinates, landmarks present, Side Adventures, etc. They are scattered all over the world and packed with helpful services.

Zelda TOTK: All Stable Locations and What To Do With Them

As they did in Breath of the Wild, the stables in Tears of the Kingdom are focal areas as you travel around Hyrule that go about as focal centers for voyagers from all over the locale. There are 18 stables in Tears of the Kingdom, most of which function as complete, full-service hotels.

The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom - Stable and horse

During your explorations, a smoke cloud will appear in the sky, signaling you are getting close to a stable. The unmistakable shape of a huge horse head atop the stable itself will help you locate it more precisely as you get closer.

You can use cooking pots at these stables to prepare meals with you on your adventures and possibly even learn new recipes from the bulletin board or visitors.

You can also rest in one of two beds to pass the time (and maybe get a boost when you wake up), talk to other travelers to learn about nearby quests or shrines, board horses to use them all over Hyrule, and more.

This is also where you can always find Beedle, a familiar character in the Zelda series, which helps you buy and sell things. He only has general items, like arrows and elixir-specific bugs, besides bug facts. He will also purchase your loot from you to make sure you have Rupees to pay for your adventure.

The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom - Beedle

Within the paragliding range, there will almost always be a shrine around that serves as a fast-travel point because stables do not serve as fast-travel points alone. This makes them an extraordinary approach to rapidly navigate the district and stop rapidly for anything you might require en route to whatever comes straightaway.

When you visit the stables for the first time or use various services there, you will earn Pony Points.


In Tears of the Kingdom, the most stable locations lead to full-fledged stables that typically provide all of the services above. However, three stables are notable for being noticeably smaller and are therefore regarded as mini-stables.

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These can be tracked down and named as smaller than average stables in Gerudo Valley Pass and Lookout Landing, plus Hateno Pasture goes about as one too. You won’t be able to board or withdraw horses in these centrally located mini-stables, but you will still have access to the full range of facilities usually found in stables in Tears of the Kingdom.

Possible Princess Sightings Mission

A white-winged journalist for the Lucky Clover Gazette, Penn, is on the chase after tales about people all over Hyrule who guarantee to have seen Zelda since her vanishing in the Profundities, and he requests that you assist him with making quick work of the bits of gossip.

The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom - Horse

Penn can be found at every stable in Hyrule once you have completed the primary quest for this at the Lucky Clover Gazette in Hebra. He will likely be talking to a local about what they may know about Zelda’s sporadic appearances.

At each Steady, you’ll have the option to finish a short journey to do quick work of what the people of Hyrule might be familiar with your missing Princess, so converse with Penn each time you see him to set off and later complete this mission.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to find all the Stables

Foothill Stable

Coordinates: 2610, 1144, 0148

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Location: Players will find this Stable in the Eldin Canyon, between Cephia Lake and Lake Ferona. 

South Akkala Stable

Coordinates: 3125. 1687, 0201

Location: It is situated in the Akkala Highlands, with players having to go southwest of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to find Kalanet Ridge. The Thunder Gleeok is nearby, so chances are there will be frequent rains for players looking to climb since thunderstorms happen often.

Woodland Stable

Coordinates: 1057, 1122, 0022

Location: Once again, in the Eldin Canyon, but this time to the west of Pico Pond and northeast of Crenel Hills. If that remains, players can start the “The Hunt For Bubbul Gems!” from here. 

Highland Stable

Coordinates: 0520, -3443, 0047

Location: To the east of the Fural Plains, this Stable is in the Faron Grasslands

Dueling Peaks Stable

Coordinates: 1757, -1957, 0010

Location: Go east of the Peaks in West Necluda for this Stable. 

Wetland Stable

Coordinates: 0914, -0248, 0034

Location: This is present in the Lanayru Wetlands, west of the Wetlands itself, and south of Rebonae Bridge.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Coordinates: -2773, -2240, 0029

Location: To the northeast of Gerudo Desert Gateway in the Gerudo Canyon.

East Akkala Stable

Coordinates: 4254, 2737, 0125

Location: Near the North Akkala Foothill in Deep Akkala.

Tabantha Bridge Stable

Coordinates: -2919, 0546, 0169

Location: It is at Hyrule Ridge, east of Tanagar Canyon and south of Mount Rhoam. 

Lucky Clover Gazette

Coordinates: -3247, 1766, 0118

Location: It is in the Tabantha Frontier, a little ahead of Rito Village. There are no regular Stable facilities here since this is now functioning as a newspaper organization. You will not get Pony Points, either. 

Snowfield Stable

Coordinates: -1643, 2567, 0234

Location: Players will find this Stable near the Tabantha Snowfield in Hebra, situated within the Hebra Mountains. 

Hateno Pasture

Coordinates: 3620, -1943, 0180

Location: When you venture to the Lighthouse east of Hateno Village, you will see this Stable at Mount Lanayru.

Riverside Stable 

Coordinates: 0326, -1087, 0009

Location: One of three Stables in Hyrule Field is nestled in the middle of the Batrea Ridge over Hylia River and Whistling Hill.

Outskirt Stable

Coordinates: 1437, -1266, 0032

Location: You will have to paraglide to the southwest of Aquame Lake from Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to get to this Stable located in Hyrule Field

Lakeside Stable

Coordinates: 1574, -3535, -0061

Location: In the Faron Grasslands, to the southwest of Lake Floria.

New Serenne Stable

Coordinates: -1348, 1766, 0118.

Location: Players will go to the south of North Hyrule Plain, where you will see Hyrule Ridge, and the plain is where Impa talks about Geoglyphs. 

Lookout Landing Mini-Stable

Coordinates: -0249, 0056, 0019

Location: The third Stable at Hyrule Field and near the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Players will have to do some other things to access this Stable. You would have to unlock the Emergency Shelter, finish the Tulin of the Rito main quest, and start the “Rito Rope Bridge” quest after returning to the broken bridge post the Rito story.

You will be sent to Karson as he will require help getting the Stable ready, so you must use Ultrahand on a platform around the roof. 

Gerudo Valley Pass Mini-Stable

Coordinates: -1691, -1661, 0020

Location: It is in the Gerudo Canyon, a little over the Diggdog Suspension Bridge and south of the Outskirt Stable. There are no standard Stable amenities, though players will get a Pony Point. 

Thus, that is all the information regarding the Stables in Tears of the Kingdom. They will come in handy during all your adventures throughout the game, so visit frequently there. The services will also help you recharge and be ready for the next set of adventuring. 

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