Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Class Pick and Customization Guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is finally out for PC players on Epic Games Store. The game is quite similar to Borderlands 3, and you will totally enjoy the game if you have been a fan of the art and Style of BL3.

Having that said, the first and foremost thing the game will ask you to do is to pick a class for you and then customize the character as per your likings. That is where this guide can help you in figuring out the Customization UI.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands customization guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Class Pick and Customization Guide

For me one of the most formidable class in this game is The Spore Warden. I already have a guide explaining why so. You can take a look at that as well. Basically you need to select from 6 classes as per your likings and playstyle.

After picking your favorite class, You will be presented with a screen to Customize Character. Let us see what options are here:

Customize Character

You have several options here. These are the main options to customize your character in TTW:

  • Body and Personality – This consists of body size, type, voice, pronunciations and other options
  • Facial Features – Head, Nose, Ear, Eyebrow, and Mouth shapes can be tweaked from this menu.
  • Face Decoration – Scars, Tattoos, and other facial decorations can be done from this menu.
  • Armor Decoration – Armor color, texture, and different types of armor can be selected from this option.
  • Presets – You can also select a said number of presets from a given list of presets if you want to.
  • Slider Overdrive – You can either engage or disengage slider overdrive from here.
Tiny Tinas Wonderlands customization guide 1


Here you can select what fate your class will hold depending on the card you pick. This is basically a trade-off for some points in exchange for other points in your overall stats. The options for Spore Warden are:

  • Village Idiot – + Strength / – Intelligence
  • Raised by Elves – + Dexterity / – Constitution
  • Failed Monk – Strength and Dexterity are negative and Wisdom and Intelligence are positive
  • Recovering Inventory Hoarder – Dexterity and Constitution takes a hit for the cost of positive Intelligence and Attunement
  • Rogue Alchemist – Dexterity and Constitution are hampered at the cost of large points to Wisdom
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I picked Village Idiot, since strength will increase my crit damage and that is what I aim to build for this character.

Hero Stats

You will get a total of 14 points to increase your desired stats in the game. For my build I will invest most points in Strength and then 1 each for other stats.

Your build can be different from mine, and for that case, you should invest points in the same stats that will boost the overall stats for your specific class and build.

Final Words and Conclusion

Now all you need to do is give a name to your character and start the game by pressing E (By default). As I mentioned earlier, try to build around your class and it will grant you the most from the game.

You can always change this later on so do not worry if you have messed up the point allocations or visual aspect for the character. that would be all from this class pick and character customization guide for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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