Two Point Campus: How To Boost Happiness Of Staff

The day-to-day running of an educational institution can be hectic work. However, the concept has been given a lighthearted and fun twist by SEGA with their Two Point Campus.

I am loving the idea of overseeing students’ lives, staff facilities, and how to keep the campus as shiny as I hoped my actual one would have been.

That is why there is a lot of intricacies in the game that I am discovering as I play on. One of the most important ideas is the well-being of your staff who will have a great impact on how your college and students perform. Therefore, I am here to break down the optimal ways of achieving the same.

Two Point Campus - Keeping Staff Happy

Rest staff when needed

We are all massively aware of overworked staff in all institutions, which has been translated into the game as well. That is why:

  • I always ensure that the energy bar of each staff member does not dip below a certain point
  • The different tasks like teaching, cleaning, running the canteen, and more all consume specific amounts of energy
  • The lower the bar goes, the more tired they will get
  • Make sure that you are extremely vigilant in keeping a watch over the staff at every moment in the game.

Staff rooms should be good

One of the key ways in which you can help the staff is by perfecting their break rooms. Therefore, remember to:

  • While playing, I kept the room packed with happy stuff and big in size which will make sure it is not crowded
  • The decorations will help in raising the aesthetic value of the place which also helps
  • I made a mistake early on by not keeping bathrooms near the break rooms, but it is a boon as they would greatly appreciate the close proximity.
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Two Point Campus - Lecture Room

Pay up and pay well

Of course, one of the most basic tenets of keeping your staff motivated is their salary. I was never a cheapskate when it came to paying staff fairly and on time.

Additionally, you will have to watch out for staff who have been employed for a long time, meaning they are eligible for a pay raise.

The money issue will be most prominent when it comes to teachers, and it will have an effect on students’ futures as well.

Train whenever needed

Another costly way of keeping your staff happy, but one that is very helpful. I learnt quickly that investing on training courses and a training room will be beneficial in the long run as it can hone the staff’s abilities.

Attractive and Prestigious campus

I absolutely loved decorating and decking up the campus from time to time. What’s great is that staff also love these additions and are impressed by the attractiveness and prestige.

That will be a great boon for you as you can build on it to recruit from staff in the future. Therefore, splash out the cash and watch things blossom.

Thus, that is all I have for you today. Hopefully these tips and tricks will benefit you in Two Point Campus as you continue to build the university of your dreams.

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

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