Digimon Survive: How To Find All Perceived Memories

I was a massive fan of Digimon while growing up, following all the adventures of the ragtag group. Nothing has changed since then with the release of Digimon Survive having me binging on it again.

One of the better games in the franchise, it gives the players control over each character’s and the story’s fate like never before.

However, there has been a distinct lack of collectibles apart from Perceived Memories. Nevertheless, they have served as great additions to the game and are 15 in total.

I missed quite a few after finishing the game for the first time, and was itching to have a second go at it all. That is why I came up with this guide in order to help players find the Perceived Memories and have a complete end.

Digimon Survive - Scanning Phone

Digimon Survive: All about Perceived Memories

You will need to use the phone to scan the nearby area for a Distortion. While they can be a mix of Memories, objects, and even enemies, this is the only way to reach them.

Once you hit upon a Perceived Memory, Takuma will exclaim he can hear a voice inside. If you want to collect all of them, then a minimum of three full completions (for each path) is required.

Additionally, players have to be careful in where they looks as they are quite easy to miss. With all that said, let’s dive into the specific locations.

Digimon Survive: Perceived Memories in Harmonious Path

Chapter 1: The entrance to the Inner Shrine of the forest.

Chapter 2: I missed this one the first time, as it is quite hidden. You will find it within the Central Plaza while scanning the fence beside Kaito.

Chapter 3: Go to Part 6’s Second Island Area where it is on top of Dracmon in the Ruined Apartment.

Chapter 4: You will have to make it towards the end into the woods near the Library of Part 11.

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Chapter 5: I found the final Perceived Memory at the end of the path, again at the entrance to the Inner Shrine in Part 12, and also grabbed Tuskmon as bonus.

Digimon Survive - Perceived Memories Locations

Digimon Survive: Perceived Memories in Wrathful Path

Chapter 1: You have to go to the stairs of the Shine in Part 2.

Chapter 2: Within the Cafeteria near Lopmon, Saki, and Shuuji in Part 3.

Chapter 3: After I reunited with Aoi, the third Perceived Memory was available in the Sewers of the Waterway.

Chapter 4: You will have to go to the end of the Wrathful Path.

Chapter 5: Again, at the finale of the path.

Digimon Survive: Perceived Memories in Moral Path

Chapter 1: You have to go near Agumon in the woods around the Shrine of Part 2.

Chapter 2: I had to go to Spider Lily Forest where Professor and Agumon by a tree.

Chapter 3: When you get to North Island, make your way to the city’s main entry point in Part 6.

Chapter 4: I found Gomamon in the Spider Lily Forest where I had to return for this Memory.

Chapter 5: Just before you begin the last Battle, use the phone to scan.

Thus, there you have it. All the locations of the Perceived Memories in the game. I tried to keep the details as simple as possible so you will have no issues in finding the spots. Of course, every player will experience the journey in different ways and that is the thrill of the game.

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

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