A guide to stamina, inhibitors, and GRE Crate locations in Dying Light 2

The most important aspect to focus on in Dying Light 2 is the stamina level. There are many more aspects to the game but stamina level is the absolute must to take note of, from the start of the game. That is because stamina will determine how much parkour you can do in DL2. Since parkour is the core movement of this game, this becomes ever so important.

A guide to stamina, inhibitors, and GRE Crate locations in Dying Light 2

Stamina, Inhibitors, and GRE crate locations guide for Dying Light 2

When you start the game, you will have a low stamina bar or level. You can eventually build it up using different methods. The stamina bar should be kept the highest possible at all times because:

  • You will need it to climb some of the tallest structures in the game.
  • This, in turn, is needed to go through a lot of game content.
  • Some farming methods also require you to climb certain structures.
  • The core of Dying Light 2 is parkour, and that requires a lot of stamina bar to do consistently.

To increase your stamina in the game, you will need Inhibitors. These are boosters that are activated permanently for your character. This will increase your maximum Stamina Level for you.

Dying Light 2 inhibitors

These are the upgrades that you will mainly use to upgrade both your stamina level and the max HP level. But speaking of early stages, stamina is quite important to clear them, hence my emphasis will be more towards them.

How To Get Inhibitors/GRE Crates Consistently

To get inhibitors, you require something called the GRE Crates. In Dying Light 2, GRE Crates are located in a number of spots including Quarantine Zones, Anomaly locations, and a few other spots on the map. Let me discuss some of them:

  • Quarantine Zones: For quarantine zones, I highly recommend that you head out during the nighttime. That is because at night, less number of infected spawn inside the zones. This will make your farming a bit easy.
  • The Anomalies: These are a new set of Enemy types introduced in Dying Light 2. Battling them is challenging as well as fun. You get some throwables in these encounters against anomalies which you can use to deal a lot of damage.
  • Checking Key Alerts and Buildings: The best method, however, is quite simple. Search around the area and inside the building to get a lot more inhibitors. You should have an alert icon at the bottom left of your screen called the Key Alert:

Dying Light 2 Key alerts

When this starts flashing, you should be on your toes to find the nearest inhibitor. This is a good method to detect them, and I found this tip quite useful in my own experience as well. The main objective is to enjoy the process while farming these and not get bored.

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All GRE Crate/Inhibitor Locations

To be quite honest, the above method can give your the same number of inhibitors as that found from much tougher levels in Dying Light 2. It is quite convenient and easy to do as well. If you want a list of Inhibitor or GRE Crate locations, refer to these points:

  • Houndfield – Inside Saint Joesph Hospital (Unmissable)
  • Houndfield – Middle Area (Nightrunner’s Hideout)
  • Quarry End – Northwest Corner (Under Subway Stairs)
  • Trinity – Southeast Corner (Top Floor of Building)
  • Trinity – Middle Area (Dark Hollow)
  • Horseshoe – Northwest (Top Floor of Building)
  • Trinity – Southeast (GRE Anomaly C-A-05)
  • Horseshoe – Middle (Motel)
  • Houndfield – Middle (GRE Trailer)
  • Trinity – North (Top Floor of Buiding)
  • Trinity – Quest Reward
  • Quarry End – South (GRE Anomaly C-A-01)
  • Horseshoe – South (Water Tower)
  • Horseshoe – South (THV Genomics Center)
  • Houndfield – Middle (Center for Stage IV THV Study)
  • HF – South (GRE Anomaly C-A-22)
  • Houndfield – North (Military Airdrop THB-04B)
  • Trinity – North (Building Near PK Windmill)
  • Downtown – Middle (Metro: Downtown Court)
  • Downtown – Northeast Corner (Downtown Electrical Station)
  • Houndfield – South (Underwater)
  • Downtown – East (Building near Bandit Camp)
  • DT – East (Military Airdrop THB-1LO)
  • Downtown – East (City Space Building)
  • Downtown – East (Building South of Bandit Camp)
  • New Dawn Park – Northwest (Building Near Trader at Fish Eye Canteen)
  • Lower Dam Ayre – Northwest (GRE Anomaly C-A-34)
  • Garrison – South (Garrison Electrical Station)
  • Garrison – Middle (GRE Anomaly C-A-55)
  • New Dawn Park – West (Tall building near Nightrunner’s Hideout)
  • Garrison – Southwest (Military Airdrop THB-UT0)
  • Muddy Grounds – South (Metro: King William Bridge)
  • Lower Dam Ayre – North (Underwater)
  • Lower Dam Ayre – Northwest (Building South of Military Airdrop THB-V3P)
  • Garrison – Middle (VNC Tower)
  • The Observatory Area – East (Underwater)


If you follow these steps carefully, you should be up and running with your Stamina and HP level very soon. Note that I have not stated the exact locations for the GRE Crates since it can become a major spoiler. Use the tip I gave to find them yourselves.

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