Alan Wake 2: Mobile Home Cult Stash Combination Solution

As you venture into the mysterious world of Alan Wake 2, you will encounter Cult Stashes, intriguing boxes with valuable items. The Mobile Home Cult Stash is one of the first you’ll discover, located near the initial crime scene.

These stashes are secured with combination locks featuring unique symbols, adding a layer of challenge to the game. Fortunately, deciphering the combinations becomes manageable with keen observation and attention to detail.

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Mobile Home Cult Stash Combination Solution For Alan Wake 2

This guide provides instructions for unlocking the Mobile Home Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2. To access the stash, players must find three symbols inside the mobile home: Diagonal Hourglass, Vertical Hourglass, and Sideways Arrows Touching.

Inputting these symbols in the correct order opens the stash, offering valuable items and a picture for the Mind Place case board. Accessing the stash early in the game equips players with essential resources for future challenges.

Locating the Mobile Home Cult Stash

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Mobile Home Location

The mobile home is conveniently situated near the murder site, an essential location for advancing the storyline. Remember that collectibles are automatically added to your map when you’re nearby, making it easier to locate key points of interest.

Remember this spot, as you’ll later need to find the General Store in the darkness, a task crucial to your progress.

Cult Stash Location

Additionally, the mobile home is not far from the Witch’s Hut, a place you’ll explore later in the story as part of a tutorial. This proximity is a helpful reference point, aiding your navigation through the game.

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Decoding the Cult Stash Combination

Upon entering the mobile home, you’ll notice intriguing symbols arranged in a seemingly random manner, primarily involving triangles. These symbols serve as clues to the combination lock guarding the Cult Stash.

Top Hint: “Wash your hands, Take the chicken out of the Fridge, Take a nap”

Inspect the area thoroughly, paying close attention to three distinct symbols:

  1. Diagonal Hourglass: Positioned to the right as you enter the mobile home.
  2. Vertical Hourglass: Located on the side of the fridge.
  3. Sideways Arrows Touching: Found in the back bedroom.

Unlocking the Cult Stash

To unlock the Cult Stash, arrange the discovered symbols in the following order: Diagonal Hourglass, Vertical Hourglass, Sideways Arrows Touching.

Successfully inputting this combination will grant you access to the stash, allowing you to obtain valuable contents that will aid you in your journey.

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After Unlocking the Stash

Upon successfully opening the Cult Stash, you’ll be rewarded not only with valuable items but also with a picture for the Mind Place case board. Although this action might not immediately unlock a case file for the Cult Stashes, rest assured that this will occur later in the game when you acquire more knowledge about the mysterious cult.

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Acquiring the mobile home Cult Stash early in the game is a strategic move, equipping you with essential resources for the challenges in the initial chapters of Alan Wake 2.

Armed with this knowledge, you are better prepared to navigate the enigmatic world of Bright Falls and confront the mysteries that await.

Last Updated on October 28, 2023

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