Apex Legends | How to Change Audio Language on Steam

If you want to change the audio language for Apex Legends in Steam, then this is the guide for you! Apex Legends has finally released on steam dating 5th November 2020. The already popular BR game is now bigger and better with Season 7. Audio is a major part of the game. This guide will explain how you can change just the audio language in the Steam release of Apex Legends. This allows you to play the game with separate voice audio to the UI language, such as Japanese voices, and English UI / Subtitles. for the full guide, read on…

By Leeson

How to Change Audio Language on Steam in Apex Legends

Step 1: Downloading additional language files

  • Browse to the game in your library
  • Right-click and select properties
  • Go to the Language tab
  • Select the language that you want to use for the audio

Step 2: Saving the downloaded language files

Now that you have the language file downloaded for which we want to use as our audio we want to move this file elsewhere otherwise when we switch the language option back in Steam it will remove them from the install folder.

  • Move the downloaded general_[languagestring].mstr file to another folder out of the Apex game installation (located under audio\ship folder)
  • Go back to the language tab under game properties in Steam
  • Revert the language option back to what you’d like to use for the UI / text
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Step 3: Using the audio language files

  • Move the downloaded language file in step 1 back to the audio/ship folder in the game installation folder
  • Right-click the game and click properties
  • In the General tab click Set Launch Options
  • Put in the command +miles_language [languagestring]
    Language string is what’s after the general_ of the audio file itself. For the Japanese audio, this would just be +miles_language Japanese

NOTE: For Future updates, the game may show an error after you launch it. In that case, you need to re-do all the above steps again to make it work!

Here is a video guide showing the same:

That would be all for this guide for changing audio language in apex legends. For more Apex Legends Guides, stay posted with us. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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