How to Get and Equip Stickers In Apex Legends

The new season of Apex Legends has released finally and it is ever so exciting to see new content. With the November 1 launch date, Season 15 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting ones to date. The season has been titled ‘Eclipse’ and it starts immediately after the conclusion of Season 14.

However, that is not all the players are getting from Season 15. There is also the addition of a new map for the Battle Royale called ‘Divided Moon,’ which is speculated to be on the moon of Boreas, which is the home planet of Seer. Coming to the Legends, there is a new one by the name of Catalyst who can control ferrofluid, and set up barricades. and even strike with it.

Therefore, there is a lot to look forward to and another special item is the introduction of Stickers. In that regard, the following guide will help players in knowing all about Stickers and how to make full use of them in the game.

Apex Legends Season 15 - Stickers

Apex Legends Season 15: What are Stickers and how to use or equip them

The Stickers are a new set of cosmetic items for players to equip in the game for some special objects. Alongside the new battle pass, Legend, and map, this is something that will no doubt intrigue players for the upcoming season. To equip the stickers do the following:

  • Go To Loadout
  • Head Over to More
  • Go Over the “Stickers” Tab
  • Now Equip the sticker to your wanted items.

While the Stickers will not help you in fights, they can be set up on healing products that can be consumed by players. Therefore, you can customize a specific set of objects in the game to really make your unique mark in Apex Legends.

As with the other cosmetics in the game like skins for weapons, badges, banners, and more, the idea behind Stickers is to personalize your own character to stand out amongst the legion of players. The debut of Stickers is highly anticipated given that they are a brand-new item for players to best utilize in the game.

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There is a total of four healing or support items in Apex Legends which can make use of Stickers. They are as follows:

  • Phoenix Kit
  • Shield Cell
  • Health Injector
  • Shield Battery

Apex Legends Season 15 - Stickers categories items

While most of the details surrounding Stickers were kept a secret, the kind of teasers fans have gotten from videos and since the new update is finally out, you can see that they are quite prominent.

The full spectrum of Stickers will only be known as the game progresses further and we see more of such items and cosmetics. The process to get the Stickers is through the same Store via Apex Coins or make use of packs that you get as rewards.

Thus, that is all the current information available surrounding the Stickers. Of course, players will be receiving more details after the Season progresses in the future.

No doubt, it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting times for Apex Legends, with a bevy of new additions for the game as a whole. Make sure that you go over all the different kinds of aspects present in the new Season which will only enhance your gaming experience in the final months of the year.

Last Updated on November 1, 2022

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