Farming Simulator 22 – How To Grow and Farm Grapes

This post is going to be a tutorial on how to grow grapes in Farming Simulator 22. So we’re gonna go through all of the basics today.

This is not an all-inclusive guide to give you every single piece of information about grapes. This is to help get you started and give you all the basics so you know exactly what to do to take care of your grapes in  Farming Simulator 22.

So we are going to go through all those aspects of that, go through all the equipment, etc. Understand too that this is with just the base game equipment that we’re going to use.

There’s no mods at this point. Just be aware of a couple of things as far as that goes.

Grape Farming Guide For Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 - How To Grow and Farm Grapes

Seasons and why they are important for Grape Farming

So essentially with grapes, what you have to do is, you have to mulch them, cultivate, fertilize, harvest, then prune them and they’ll be ready the next year for harvest.

Now the first part of this is how do we get them down onto the ground. So again we’re gonna go step by step. This will apply to seasonal cycle.

If we go into our menu and we look at the seasonal cycles, if you don’t know, green is when you can plant down or  planting season.

Harvest season is in the yellow for grapes. If you have a look, you can plant in March April May and you can harvest them in September and October. Now again I was running one day months.

  • This will still work if you’re running multiple days or if you’re running multiple days in one month as opposed to one.
  • Just make sure you plant when you’re in the green zones.
  • Now another thing to note, all the stuff we’re going to talk about will work even if you turn seasons off.

If you don’t know, you can go down to the settings, you can go under seasonal growth and you can turn it off. You just don’t have to wait for a specific point in the year to plant, but all the other things you’re going to do are going to work in this fashion.

Placing Grapes in Farming Simulator 22

First off we need to go ahead and place down some grapes, because grapes are not naturally on a lot of the maps. They might be on some, but you will likely want to place them down.

You can’t plant them using a planter. Go into the store menu, go down to the others menu, go to construction, then under construction go over to production, go to orchards and click on grapes.

It won’t let you go too close to them. You can’t place it there. We can see the pole goes away if we try to get too close. You just need to place right and drag.

No need to hold down the mouse button. You can go any way you want, you can even connect it up to your other orchard though that might make it difficult.  

You can continue on right click to stop and you can place grapes, you know, any which way you want to. I’ve got a nice little orchard, if you walk over it it says grapes growing, fertilized and weeds 0. You will not get any weeds pop up. What you need to do is wait for the grass to grow up. It’ll grow up after one or two months.

Mulching Grapes Farming Simulator 22

The next thing we’re gonna do is, we’ll take a look at all this equipment in the store. Then go through and mulch this in a mulcher. Now all of this equipment, if we go in the store the easiest way to find all of it is go down to the packs.

Go to grapes and we have a tractor that’s designed for orchard work, we have the harvester we’re going to need, we have the pruner, we have the sprayer we’re going to need, we have a trailer for grapes, we have a mulcher and we have the cultivator that we’re going to need.

  • Again all this stuff is easy to find if you just go into packs.
  • Now there may be other equipment that will work for this
  • I’m going to go through these pieces of equipment, since the game is essentially designed to use them.
  • We’re gonna go ahead and hop in our tractor
  • What we need to do with the mulcher is come up to the grapes and we’re gonna go on each side.

Demolishing your progress of grapes on FS22

We have to go up and down each row and you cannot hire a worker to do this. I have tried it and I don’t know if you can at some point or if there’s specific conditions where you can.

But I have not been able to do it. It will be chopping down the grass and we’ll just go through and we will get all of the grass taken care of. 

  • One other thing you want to note is, you can go into the build menu, hit the demolish button
  • Or toggle that on and you can go through and demolish grapes.
  • If you would like to, you can go through and demolish what you have going on if you didn’t want something that you placed.
  • Now if you notice I will not be getting any money back for this. You do lose the money that you get on these.
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Farming Simulator 22 - How To Grow and Farm Grapes

Cultivating Grapes

Now that we have mulched all of this area the next step is to cultivate. Grab your cultivator, hop into the tractor and use that bad boy once again. What you’re gonna do with this is, you’re gonna drive up and down each rows.

  • Now I was able to get a worker to sometimes do this but they would go up a row and then they would stop.
  • When you are going through the grapevines again, you want to hug the grapes as close as you can.
  • They do have collisions, be careful, you will hit them a little bit.
  • You want to go down and up the rows like this. This is how you need to cultivate. 

Fertilizing Grapes

Now the next step is to get some fertilizer on the grapes. Now in the menu, if we scroll over to the fertilizing states.  We want to get two fertilizer states down.

You want to spray twice. Now we can’t do it back to back just like in farming simulator 19. With other crops you have to wait until it grows up a little further.

We want to grab the orchard sprayer which you will have hooked up to this tractor.  You need to have it filled with liquid fertilizer, which if you don’t know where to buy, it’s in the shop under pallets.

Now if we go and turn it on, with a little bit of strategic placement, you can hit a couple of rows at once.

You don’t have to necessarily go up every row with this. After you get the spraying done you need to wait another day or two and wait until it goes up another growth state or at least the grapes go up in your growth state.

Just remember you want to spray twice.

Harvesting Grapes

Then after that it is time to harvest because that will be the next step that we’re going to have in our grape manufacturing.  You will see the grapes are now ready to harvest.

You just need to go into packs and bring home the harvester.

If you notice the seasonal cycles you will see that it is well into September. You cannot hire a worker to do this on behalf of you. But grapes are definitely worth it as far as it goes financially.

Now we’ll talk about what to do with the grapes after we get them harvested. All right now that we finish our grape harvest we’ll want to put them into our special grape trailer. You can unload them later.

Selling Grapes

A few things you can do with them, first off you can go into the sell menu. You can scroll down the grapes and you can sell them. You can see you get a decent price.

Now if you own the grape processing unit, you can take the grapes there to further produce them.

  • What you can do is you can take them to the grape processing unit and you can produce either grape juice or raisins.
  • Grape juice can be sold for quite a bit more.
  • Now if you have raisins you can take them to the cereal factory.
  • The cereal factory requires raisins as well as it requires some product from the grain mill to be able to get the production going on.
  • But if you wanted to do that, you could make cereal which can then be sold for even more money.

You have an option there as far as what to do with your grapes. Those are kind of the various options for grapes.

Farming Simulator 22 - How To Grow and Farm Grapes

Pruning Grapes

Now the last thing we have to do, and it takes great care, is use the pruner which again can be found in the store. We hop in this guy, we’re gonna hit X to unfold it, that’ll get all set and good to go. You can open the help menu, there you can see some of those controls.

  • We can see it occasionally chips off a little bit of green that needs to be chipped off. 
  • You should do this every year. Check if they need to be pruned.
  • This will help you to get better yield next year.
  • You want to go along and do this on each side but other than that guys that is the very basics to grape harvesting.

So in this guide we learned all the basic compulsory stuff that we need to know about grape harvesting in Farming Simulator 22. Thank you for your patience if you have read the full guide. I will be back soon with more such guides for you. Hopefully you found this enjoyable.

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Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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