Atomic Heart: How To Fix Screen Tearing Problem

The soon-to-be-released Atomic Heart is generating a lot of buzz given the nature of the game’s theme. You will be playing in an alternative reality of the old Soviet Union, meaning the gameplay is sure to be intense and high on action. That is why players have been eager to get their hands on the game, but there are some issues.

As is the case with several releases nowadays, there are some performance issues related to Atomic Heart with ‘screen tearing’ being a common one. In that regard, the following guide will help players in resolving the screen-tearing problem in Atomic Heart. 

Atomic Heart: How to fix screen tearing problem

The most cause of screen tearing is when there are a lot more frames being generated by your graphics drivers than your display system can process. This is why the images get torn and it is a basic problem for a lot of games.

While the developers are not actively working on resolving this issue, there are some common methods via which players can solve this problem themselves. That is why players can try out these solutions to get back to playing Atomic Heart seamlessly. 

Atomic Heart - fixing screen tear

Keep your system to High Performance in Power options

Players can suffer from screen tearing issues if the system is tuned to power-saving mode. That is why it will cause problems, given the extremely graphic demands of games such as Atomic Heart and much more recently.

You will have to change your settings to high-performance, which gives it the juice it requires to run such heavy games. Here is how to change the settings: 

  • Go to your Control Panel and then to Power Options
  • Choose the High-Performance option and apply all changes

Turn on G-sync and V-sync

The powerful combination of vertical sync (Vsync) and G-sync is one of the quickest ways to get rid of the screen tearing issue. Vsync will help in synchronizing Atomic Heart’s frame rate along with the refresh rate of your system, thereby stopping the graphics card from generating extreme numbers of frames that your system will fail to handle.

Meanwhile, G-sync synchronizes your refresh rate alongside the frame rate of any game you run, which in turn lessens screen tearing and the lag in input.

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Decrease the load of Overclocking 

When players elevate the clock speed of their graphics card in order to boost performance, it can lead to stability problems and screen tearing. If this is the case, then players will have to decrease their dependency on overclocking through the below steps: 

  • Go to your graphics card through your Control Panel
  • Decrease the clock speed to their Default setting
  • Make sure to save the changes and then start your system again

Atomic Heart - screen tear

Reduce the graphics of the game 

While some of you may have tried this hack already, it is always a good idea to start your game on low settings. It will help in reducing the number of graphical issues, with screen tearing being one of the issues that can come up.

This is why you will need to decrease the number of frames being produced which will then decrease the effect on your graphics card. Here is how to go about it in Atomic Heart: 

  • Start Atomic Heart and open your graphic settings
  • Decrease the specific areas in terms of shadow, texture, and more
  • Apply all changes and start the game again

Reinstall the game

The last option is to uninstall and reinstall the game which will fix the game files if some of them are missing or corrupted. You will have to uninstall Atomic Heart and then visit the game site to get the most recent version. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to fixing the screen tearing issue. Players can get in touch with the game’s customer support team if their complaints are still not resolved and they will be best placed to advise. 

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

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