Wendigo GL3 (Adept) | God Rolls – How To Get

The Wendigo GL3 was sunsetted in 2020 after being first made available as a Vanguard Pinnacle weapon. Nonetheless, this Void Adaptive Grenade launcher has returned to us this season as the Nightfall weapon. We describe how to farm the weapon, where to get it, and the optimal PvE and PvP rolls in this guide.


Wendigo GL3 (Adept): God Rolls – How To Acquire

The Wendigo GL3 used to be the best DPS Power weapon in the entire game and is a returning weapon from the Destiny Content Vault. The Wendigo GL3 is still a superb grenade launcher even though it isn’t as powerful as it previously was. The Warden of Nothing Nightfall, including the Grandmaster NF, drops the Wendigo GL3.

Rotation of Nightfall weapons this season

In total, there are a number of Nightfall-only weapons, but as of Season of the Seraph (S19), there are only six of them that are currently in rotation, and only one of those six drops each week. The Hung Jury SR4 scout rifle can only be farmed once every six weeks as a result! This guide outlines the season’s Nightfall weapons as well as the upcoming schedule.

What is the current Wendigo GL3 quality?

No matter how fantastic the Wendigo GL3 is, heavy ammo grenade launchers are now in a poor position and cannot succeed in the meta. You should expect certain nerfs and bonuses from the Lightfall expansion that will alter the meta, but don’t anticipate the Wendigo to overnight become a top-tier choice.

Although it will be significantly more helpful than it is now, rocket launchers will still be the best option, at least in PvE. As a result of everything, we rank the Wendigo GL3 as a B Rank weapon.

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PvE and PvP Wendigo GL3 (Adept) Best Rolls

Once you’ve determined the best week to farm, you should run as many Nightfalls as you can, preferably on the hardest setting, to improve your odds of getting a god roll. These are our preferred combinations, the ones we regard as god rolls, out of the many powerful possible rolls available. 

Volatile Launch or Quick Launch, Spike Grenades, Auto-Loading Holster, and Explosive Light are the perks you want. Cascade Point is an option for the second perk slot, although it’s a little too specialized. Explosive Light will generally be the better option. Slot 1’s Clown Cartridge isn’t that bad either.

  • Barrel: Volatile Launch or Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Spike Grenades
  • Perk 1: Auto-Loading Holster
  • Perk 2: Explosive Light

Worth it to run a Wendigo GL3 Adept farm?

You could obtain an Adept variation of the Wendigo GL3 Adept by taking on Nightfalls on Grandmaster difficulty if you have the necessary fortitude. Weapons with Adept versions have more perks per column, provide even more stats when Masterworked, and can take exclusive Adept mods in addition to serving as bragging rights. 

Only Void shields and a few Champions from the Barrier and Overload classes are present in the Warden of Nothing. Although not the most challenging Nightfall available, the Boss level can be demanding. 

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

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