BG3: Cheats and Console Commands List and Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Use Cheats And Console Commands Guide – There are a number of cheats and console commands available for players to use in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will be able to change the game’s journey dramatically through them and ensure you are experiencing all the necessary actions too.

The following guide will help players know all about how to use the console commands in BG3.

BG3: Cheats And Console Commands (Full List)

At present, there is no way to use cheats and console commands within the game itself, either on PS5 or PC. The latter can make use of console commands or trainers, including ReCon small remote utility and Cheat Engine, to accomplish the feat.

You will have to get them installed on your system beforehand but once done, you will be able to type in cheat codes and console commands seamlessly. All of them cause a different kind of effect in Baldur’s Gate 3, so read on to find out.

Baldur's Gate 3 - console commands

List of Console commands

Larian used to have a way of turning on cheat codes in games previously. Players had to press the Ctrl+Tab keys. You have to key in CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() to have a cheat take effect, which is not functional right now with Baldur’s Gate 3.

We are expecting the developers to switch on Divinity Engine 4.0 in order for players to input the cheat codes that are given below.

  • Ctrl+3: lighten the screen.
  • Ctrl+9: shows sprites.
  • Ctrl+A: animates sprite.
  • Ctrl+6: change to the previous paper doll.
  • Ctrl+L: shows coordinates under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+R: heals character under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+S: select a sprite animation.
  • Ctrl+X: shows position info.
  • Ctrl+1: change paper doll armor type.
  • Ctrl+2: darken the screen.
  • Ctrl+4: show interactable objects.
  • Ctrl+X: shows position info.
  • Ctrl+F: turns to the character.
  • Ctrl+J: jump to space under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+Y: kills character under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+B: shows the last FMV clip.
  • Ctrl+L: shows coordinates under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+R: heals character under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+S: select a sprite animation.
  • Ctrl+C: go to the next chapter.
  • Ctrl+7: change to next paper doll.
  • Ctrl+8: shows text boxes.
  • Ctrl+D: debug dump.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Use Console Commands Using Cheat Engine

The best way of inputting cheats in the game is through Cheat Engine, where the cheats used do have an impact. You will be able to do a great number of things through this which will be wonderful. Here is how to get started:

  • Download Cheat Engine.
  • Click twice on the .CT file here in order to access it.
  • Choose the PC icon within Cheat Engine and then the game process.
  • Have the list handy and turn on the trainer options by ticking boxes or keeping values from 0 to 1.
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Baldur's Gate 3 - cheat codes

The following console commands can be done using Cheat Engine:

  • Add Spells
  • Companion Attitude
  • Companion Approval
  • Extra Armor
  • Add All Resistance
  • Immune to Status Effects
  • Super Jump
  • Unlimited Movement
  • Dark Vision
  • Toggle Fog of War
  • Object Spawner (equipment, items, scenery, walls, etc.)
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Respect Character
  • Max Ability Stats
  • Extra Max Health
  • Rest Anywhere
  • Add Gold
  • Add Experience
  • Increase Carry Capacity
  • Add Permanent Tags to Player: Pet Pal, Comprehend Languages, Detect Thoughts, Hermit, Urchin
  • Unlimited Spell Slots
  • Unlimited Warlock Spell Slots
  • Unlimited Sorcery Points

BG3: How To Use Cheat Codes Using ReCon Small Remote Utility

Games such as Divinity Origin Sin 2 and other older titles allowed players to have cheats and console commands via ReCon small remote utility.

It was within The Divinity Engine installation folder, beside the Engine exe. You have to click the CTRL+SHIFT+F11 keys together in the editor mode to launch it.

Hit Enter once your cheat is good to go. Here are some of the cheat codes that can be used for Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • infiniteMemory – you will have over 9000 memory.
  • resurrect – resurrects currently selected character.
  • peace on/off – turn on Peace Mode and type it again to turn it off.
  • infiniteAp – your actions will cost 0 AP.
  • killArmor – sets the magic and physical armor of the selected character to 0.
  • killcombat – kills all enemies in current combat.
  • nocooldowns – removes cooldowns.
  • god – turn on God Mode, and type it again to turn it off.
  • nearlyKill – sets the HP of the currently selected character to 1.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the cheat codes and console commands so far. You can try using Cheat Engine for a while and see how it works out in order to raise your gaming experience.

We have to wait and see what the developers have planned officially later on. Follow our Baldur’s Gate 3 page for the latest guides, fixes, news, and more!

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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